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How To Read A Dealer’s Catalog Description

Part II


Autograph Alert is dedicated to bringing you the latest autograph-related news and information all supported and collaborated by facts. Hopefully most of the information will be good and useful while some may be discouraging.

The goal of this site is to educate the autograph consumer on great finds in the industry, publish studies on exemplars, and notify the readers of scams through fancy, false and misleading advertising campaigns. Short educational studies will be published on many subjects including how to read in between the lines of dealer and auction house terms of sale and understanding Certificates of Authenticity. Creating this educational platform where information can be obtained and shared in a timely fashion will ensure a safer environment in which everyone can conduct business ethically.
"All Truths Are Easy To Understand Once They Are Discovered,
The Point Is To Discover Them!"


Autograph Alert was created with the sole intent of bringing updated autograph news and educational information to those who may not find it in print elsewhere. This news can be positive. Sometimes disturbing facts and information may also be printed on a timely basis for the autograph collecting community. All information, stories and news printed here was brought to the attention of this site by reputable sources and is backed by facts and or collaborated documentation. Should a news story appear to be incorrect, since the truth is what this site is about, all readers are encouraged to bring it to our attention with the pertinent facts that you feel should be examined and further investigated. Professional news reporting is our goal. Should we find otherwise, a correction or retraction may be printed.

Should anyone have news they feel is relevant to this site or have comments on a story please send that information in writing to:


Mandatory: Please read the following before entering this educational website:
www.autographalert.com strives for accuracy. We remind all of our readers should any article contain information that they feel contains information that is not accurate, they should contact www.autographalert.com with a suggested correction.

The educational articles written for this website are available to all, free of charge to those who choose to read them. However, all readers and their associates agree to indemnify and hold harmless www.autographalert.com, their staff, authors and officers from and against any claims, costs, damages and expenses arising from their use of this website. This includes any or all attorney's fees.

Should any reader of this site have a request to offer a correction, please include your name, address and phone number.

Those who read this website agree that no part of www.autographalert.com will be reproduced, copied or transmitted in any form without written permission from www.autographalert.com
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