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In the News, December 2009 - April 2010
Breaking News:
April 30, 2010
Autograph Show Forced to Cancel
Linked to Herman Darvick & John Reznikoff
Was to be Held May 22 in Fort Lauderdale

Professional autograph shows are nearly nonexistent. One of the few shows that are still advertised are merely 2-3 dealers with a table at a book fair. It seems regularly scheduled shows that were held by the UACC in several states came to a screeching halt when at an Atlanta show, the obese show promoter was hospitalized after being severely beaten in the face with a flashlight by a female hotel security guard.

The brainchild of Mike Frost was to re-establish professional autograph shows that would be open to all. The first show was scheduled to be held on May 22, 2010 in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida. News of the show spread quickly by word of mouth and dealers from around the United States booked tables. Before the official announcement several dealers were already on the waiting list for a table.

Dealers who don’t usually do autograph shows were booked. Don Nidiffer of Virginia, Jim Hayes of South Carolina, Todd Mueller of Colorado, Matted Memories, Greg Nazareth and Star Shots to name a few. Nelson Deedle from California was the first collector committed to coming to the show.

Most unusual and a welcome addition was a fellow who requested an educational table to display many of the fake items sold by Roger Epperson along with Epperson’s letters of authentication. He also wanted to display what he feels are many fake items sold by Starbrite (Steve Cyrkin of Autograph magazine) that eventually were turned down by PSA/DNA, a company which Cyrkin was one of the founders of the parent company.

One of the highlights of the show was having a major autograph auction house available to take consignments. Dan Rowe of The Written Word in New Hampshire was committed to be at the show and have a booth.

PAAS was to be present to authenticate autographs during the show.

The special guest speaker was to be Todd Mueller, once eBay’s largest seller of autographs. Todd was to give a one hour educational course on the pitfalls of dealing with purchasing autographs on eBay. Everyone attending would have received a Certificate of Completion signed by Todd. There was no charge for this educational course.

Steve Cyrkin of Autograph magazine was invited to attend the show. He has received an enormous amount of bad publicity because of his racist and anti-Semitic remarks which he put in writing. He called a Jewish person who sells autographs a "kike". He also attacked another well known autograph professional, calling him a forger. Cyrkin was given erroneous information by an industry trouble maker and was proven wrong. This show was another opportunity for Cyrkin to apologize and get his horrific comments behind him. Both dealers who have been hurt by Cyrkin’s comments have agreed to accept Cyrkin’s apology!
There were more events scheduled for the show. An open forum roundtable between collectors and dealers.

According to Mike Frost: "this is an attempt to turn all the negatives in the autograph hobby into positives. It is time to move forward and all work together."

However www.autographalert.com has been informed this event MUST BE CANCELLED!

It started with one crazed person from Texas, on multiple occasions, demanding the physical address of one of those involved in promoting the show. Then the threatening phone calls calling for the disruption of the show, to the office in the building where the show was to be held. This was followed by strange and threatening emails sent to many collectors and dealers in the autograph community.

One email was sent by the disgraced Herman Darvick who has recently emerged from a horrific past in this hobby and is presently working for John Reznikoff at University Archives. The email said in part: "..would you have invited Hitler on the effects of Aryanization on the world community and to answer questions on the negative allegations written and said about him in the world media? Herman."

Then the flood of deranged emails from a sender identified as "John Wayne Gacy." Additional emails were sent from someone identifying themselves as "Jeff Dahmer." It was addressed to "Dear Black Hats, be prepared for some excitement at your show. It will be filled with high tension."

Mike Frost, in talks with leaders in the field, has decided that the safety and well being of the individuals who have booked tables at the show and the safety of those collectors who would attend the show be of utmost importance. It is in the best interest of all that this show must be cancelled.

A very well know New England autograph professional, skilled with the computer has traced the emails from "John Wayne Gacy" to a computer in the office of John Reznikoff at University Archives. Reznikoff is by no means foreign to controversy. Many of you may remember watching him on television running from reporters who were trying to interview him about his role in the sale of Marilyn Monroe/JFK forgeries. You may also remember him having to resign from PADA, an autograph club he helped found. Also, Reznikoff was expelled from the original IACC/DA autograph organization for ethics violations. He tried to resign, in writing, from this club when he was advised ethics charges were filed against him. Club rules stated once a complaint is filed, it will be acted upon by the ethics Board, no resignations accepted.

Herman Darvick, a New York schoolteacher and the disgraced UACC past president expelled for ethics violations works in Reznikoff’s office.

Darvick is also the pathetic individual who called on the phone many of those who donated money to the Haitian Relief Fund. He told them that they were foolish for donating the money and that the money would never be sent to a charity. This is one very evil individual.

These two individuals have created an autograph cesspool in Stamford, Ct, which has been bubbling for many years. They've taken part in industry record breaking sales of forged autographs, as well as offering and taking part in flooding the market with mis-authenticated autographs.

Breaking News:
April 28, 2010
Eisenhower Autopen Signature Discovered

A new Dwight D. Eisenhower Autopen (machine) signed signature has been discovered by the noted expert of U.S. Presidential autographs, Andreas Wiemer who is based in Germany.

The signature has some similarities to other identified Eisenhower Autopen examples however this is not a variant. This new discovery matches other signed items by Eisenhower exactly. Up to this time, they were thought to be genuine.

Newly identified Eisenhower signature from a letter dated February 14, 1949

Same Eisenhower Autopen signature on a letter dated September 27, 1949

Same Eisenhower signature on an important historical document
The above signed document is considered one of the most 100 important historical documents in U.S. History. Note : "Eisenhower Library" stamp. This document is also illustrated in "Our Documents-100 Milestone Documents from the National Archives" page 181.

Andreas Wiemer is a co-author with Stephen Koschal. Their popular book "Presidents of the United States, Autopen Guide" first, signed limited edition sold out quickly however some unsigned copies are available through the authors.

They may be contacted through their websites:

Breaking News:
April 10, 2010
Steve Cyrkin’s Autograph Magazine
Is it On Life Support?
In less than a year, it appears we are witnessing the destruction of a once fine magazine on autograph collecting.

Many of the old timers will not forget how exciting it was to get Vol.1, No.1 in July 1986. A magazine filled with interesting articles which exposed both the novice and the advanced collectors with information on collecting we could all share and believe.

During the last year we have witnessed the fall of this once great magazine in many different ways. Talk about another nail in the coffin. We can clearly hear the fat lady singing but more on this later.

It sure looks like Steve Cyrkin, the publisher has run this magazine into the ground. We spent the morning on the phone calling collectors and dealers and even an autograph auction house and the president of an autograph organization. We can find no one who subscribes to the magazine. No One! Some we have contacted called it the industry’s "rag". Others want no part of it or Cyrkin. Most all agree there is nothing of interest for them to read and basically what’s left isn’t right.

As for Cyrkin, the magazine appears not to be his only problem. This guy has a long history of forgetting to pay his taxes. Not long ago on July 3, 2009 he had a "State Tax Lien" for $25,843. Go back a year to September 19, 2008 and he had a Federal Tax Lien of $18,143, and on March 4, 2008 Federal Tax Lien for $52,857. Some can get quite high like his Federal Tax Lien on October 2005 for $149,142. We found at least 14 Federal, State and County Tax Liens filed against Cyrkin not to mention his failure to provide proof of financial responsibility in April 2007 where there was a forfeiture of bail money.

One can expect there will be problem attempting to publish an autograph magazine and becoming an "instant" autograph dealer at the same time. Trying this with little or no background in autographs can be a disaster. According to Cyrkin "I started as a coin dealer and was founder of PCGS, the coin grading service, which became Collectors Universe, owner of PSA/DNA…" and he goes on to say how much of the company he still owns. As part owner of Collectors Universe/PSADNA does anyone find it strange that PSA/DNA is the only company, to have a full page advertisement in every issue, who claims they can authenticate autographs?

Most disagree when the beginning of the downfall of the magazine began. Some say it was the disgusting and embarrassing story written by a UACC Director about his wonderful signed guitar. It didn’t take long for the UACC Director to admit much in the story was made up and all the signatures beautifully illustrated in the magazine were determined by many to be forged. Talk about egg and worse on your face for any publisher.

Others think the fall began when Cyrkin foolishly decided to give himself an imaginary "badge" and use his magazine to go after others. All this while the website for his company StarBrite has been shut down for over a year. Cyrkin also admits that he was removing forgeries from his inventory. Others want to know, how would Cyrkin know a forgery from a genuine signature being that they are already in his inventory?

Cyrkin used his magazine to go after Steve Koschal (non Autograph magazine advertiser) calling him a forger. The problem started when Cyrkin listened to John Reznikoff whose autograph antics has been often exposed by Koschal. Can anyone imagine listening to John Reznikoff about authenticating anything? Cyrkin did and what a mistake and embarrassment for him! A signed book originally purchased by Koschal and now owned by a professional autograph dealer very familiar with authentic autographs consigned it to RR Auction. For some unexplained reason RR Auction uses Reznikoff to authenticate some autographs. Reznikoff never saw the item, yet told RR the item was not genuine. Reznikoff has admitted that when he discovered Koschal was the original source of the item, he wanted it not to be genuine. Cyrkin, demonstrating his lack of experience with autographs fell for Reznikoff’s unprofessionalism and ran with it. Cyrkin with his home made, imaginary police badge made demands from Koschal. Cyrkin demanded to know Koschal’s source. Cyrkin demanded to see purchase receipts. Who the hell does this Cyrkin think he is? Koschal said "Cyrkin can’t control all the fakes in his own offerings now he wants to go after genuine items that others sell and call them forged?" Koschal also said: "from what it appears the only way to get this crackpot off your back is to take a full page ad in his magazine." Koschal let the enraged Cyrkin continue for months with his emails. Now, the UACC picked up the story on their website misleading their membership that forgeries were coming out of Florida. After all was said and done it was proven that the whole thing started as a Reznikoff scam. The item was without question genuine and there is a well known witness to the purchase of the autograph. Cyrkin who was misguided has dropped this hot potato. In addition, the UACC took down the story. To date, no apology to Koschal from Cyrkin or the UACC.

Making everyone enraged was Cyrkin calling a president of an autograph company a "kike" in writing! Seems like this incident nearly turned the hobby upside down. Collectors, up in arms, were cancelling their subscription to Autograph magazine and dealers, many seeing red, were dropping their advertisements.

The following are just some quotes from emails received from collectors and dealers:
"I may have purchased 8 to 10 items from StarBrite from ads in Autograph magazine, I’m just concerned that some of the autos may not be real….."

"The latest blog on Cyrkin’s rag site is actually self inflicted….this guy is killing himself…"

"Cyrkin was spreading rumors that you (www.autograph alert.com) sold out to him…"

"…I was condemned by Cyrkin for being against illegal aliens and my feelings on gay marriage…His daughter is a lesbian and he says that he is very proud of her and that he is looking forward to being the grandfather of 3 children. I tried to tell him that you can’t have a child unless a man is involved and he cancelled my subscription to his magazine…."

"…let’s just hope this Cyrkin character goes down for what he has done to this hobby….."


With all this going on the hobby is still willing to give Cyrkin a second chance. There is scheduled to be an autograph show in Florida. Cyrkin has been invited by an autograph organization to attend, a perfect opportunity to apologize to the businessman he called a ‘kike" and also to Koschal for falsely calling him a forger. Both fellows are willing to accept Cyrkin’s apology and move forward. Knowing that the club invited Cyrkin to attend the show and even promote his magazine, we at www.autographaler.com discussed this and also invited Cyrkin to attend. We have not heard from Steve Cyrkin!

Continuing with the disorder at the magazine, the following is a comment from one of its writers. Mark Gross posted this message on Cyrkin’s own website. "Something funny about trying to get an autograph from someone that is a bit deceased. In the November (2009) issue of this month’s Autograph magazine, there is something I noticed a little strange. Sure the magazine offers 300 celebrity addresses with each issue, along with 5 guidelines to follow for more success. Guideline #5 states, "Be patient! Responses may take weeks, months, or sometimes even LONGER. There is a celebrity that the magazine gives an address for this month, a sci-fi writer, whose autograph I myself own. It is a famous writer, Arthur C. Clark…who actually passed on in March of 2008. So, if you do send for his autograph from the magazine listed address, remember guideline number 5. You may be waiting, sometimes even longer!!!…….Hey, I sometimes write for this magazine, so who better to poke fun at yourself…now I have to see what else you may have let slip through…ha ha ha."

We have all experienced Cyrkin’s inexperience in this hobby of autograph We here at www.autograpalert.com offer some advice for whoever may still be reading the magazine just for the celebrity addresses. There was always a rule when writing a celebrity and that was to always include a self addressed stamped envelope. Since Cyrkin has now taken it to the next level writing to dead celebrities, our advice is when writing to dead celebrities posted in Cyrkin’s magazine, break the old rule and do not include a self addressed stamped envelope.

More professional autograph dealers are fleeing the magazine. We were just advised that one of the best known dealers in modern celebrity autographs have cancelled their long running advertisement. They have been advertising for years but Cyrkin‘s "kike" remark and the lack of collector response to their ads was enough to say adios to Cyrkin. Who can ever forget the wonderful impressive full back page ads by Profiles In History. They are gone. Another long time advertiser who recently said "au revoir" to the magazine.

Getting back to some more of the idiocy going on with Cyrkin’s magazine it now appears he has everyone laughing. The latest lunacy was published in the November issue of Autograph. It’s an Autograph Captions Contest and the lucky winner will receive a DVD sleeve signed by Robert DeNiro. This is so funny we can barely continue to type. When was the last time anyone saw a contest in any autograph journal where the prize ends up being NOT GENUINE! By now you probably have figured Cyrkin isn’t the sharpest knife in the drawer when it comes to authenticating but to not do his research and allow a phony autograph to be given away as a prize is hitting bottom. We had the autograph examined by several who specialize in modern celebrities and all have stated it is not real but a secretarial example most likely obtained through the mail! Besides the experts and in-person collectors we notified we also had the autograph looked at by a professional authenticating company who also said on their letterhead it is not genuine.
The lucky winner of the fake autograph is a Ron Snack of Pequannock, New Jersey. He won because his caption for the story was "Now, if you think that the last shock was bad…" www.autographalert.com would love to hear Ron’s caption after obtaining his fake prize from Cyrkin.

Those of you left with a subscription are subjecting yourself to this lunacy and rewarded with another "shock." Recently Cyrkin increased subscription rates from $29.95 to $39.95. There continues to be an "autograph amber alert" still out for any sighting of a February 2010 issue of Autograph magazine. One of the emails we received said: "since it doesn’t seem to exist it may be Cyrkin‘s best work. No mistakes!" Just another sign of a sinking ship. We say "sayonara."

Breaking News:
April 3, 2010

Many believe they are witnessing the slow death of RR Auction. Some are saying RR stands for "Rabid & Repulsive". The arrogance of the top dog" Bob Eaton is finally taking its toll. The opening of their monthly catalog seems to have become an industry joke. "RR Auction is committed to offering authentic material…we also add LOAs and/COAs from highly respected authenticators….." Highly respected? Says who????

Over the years, Bob Eaton and his catalog has offered innumerable bad, forged, secretarial, wrongly identified signatures backed by his circus full of home made authenticators. www.autographalert.com is notified on a regular basis of the fakes illustrated in RR Auction catalogs. Fakes in every field of collecting from presidents in the front of the catalog to sports in the rear.
We do not publish all the times Eaton at RR has been notified by some industry giants about a forged autograph being offered by RR and authenticated by RR’s choice of autograph authenticating imposters. In the past it would be extremely rare to get Eaton to even respond to the free advice being given to him by experts. Eaton would ignore their guidance and counsel and continue to sell the bad item. This is so very common with RR Auction that we no longer report on these issues. We believe our readers have been well informed regarding the dangers of bidding with this auction house.

Why all the mistakes? Just look at what Eaton calls his experts!

John Reznikoff, an industry jokester who was disgraced when having to resign from a autograph dealer’s club he helped create. Reznikoff attempted to resign from a different autograph club when he was advised serious ethics complaints were filed against him. The club revoked Reznikoff’s membership over the ethic’s violations. Who is not aware of his selling forged JFK/Marilyn Monroe pieces? Nearly 8 million dollars was sold. What about Reznikoff’s Lifetime Guarantee, ask Reznikoff for the names of anyone who got a refund. It’s getting very difficult to find a president of the United States that Reznikoff had not mis-authenticated not to mention all the other authenticating mistakes in other fields.

Roger Epperson, you know him well, he’s the guy well noted for passing so many music items on new albums where the celebrity’s been dead for over 20 years. Just read the criminal psychiatrist who studied Gacy, Manson, Dahmer and more and read her report on Epperson. "…most people I am asked to comment on that display that must emotional instability are already behind prison bars…"

Scott Cornish. Who will ever forget his email to a competitor in Germany? "….It’s not like ya’ll are still making lampshades out of human skin or smashing babies heads against brick walls…you have no clue how ugly I can get…." How stupid is this guy and he says he can get uglier!

PSA/DNA. Enough said!

One more sad state of affairs for the hobby…would you believe the UACC has both RR Auction and John Renikoff as registered dealers, members in good standing? This alone speaks volumes.

So you wonder why many are no longer bidding with RR Auction. In the past, very few could ever get Bob Eaton off his throne and on the phone. He is now apparently feeling the pain inflicted upon him by past supporters. Eaton is now on the phone and also sending emails begging for consignments. It doesn’t appear to be working as one of his long time major supporters has had enough.

How do you know when an autograph auction house and its management has little clue about selling genuine autographs and even has little respect for historical documents? You don’t have to be a rocket scientist to understand the following.

Look at what some imbecile at PSA/DNA did to a valuable Beatles signed item. They stuck their unsightly sticker next to John Lennon’s autograph. This is done with management's blessing. Forgot about all the autographs we can write about that they mis-authenticated but they are continually placing these stickers which destroys the originality of the item and reduces its value. How can any autograph auction house or anyone with knowledge of autographs support this unprofessional madness?

Beatles Autograph Item Defaced By PSA/DNA Sticker
We have folders of complaints from collectors about all the mistakes in authenticating in RR Auction catalogs but this one needs no explanation. Everyone reading this story can see for themselves how sloppy Eaton’s research is and how little Eaton’s COA is worth.

The following is taken from a recent RR Auction catalog and is illustrated exactly as in the catalog. Item #183 signature of Chiang Kai-Shek. Item # 185. Madame and Chiang Kai-Shek.

Illustrations from RR Auction Catalog
Most likely no one reading this story can read Chinese but you don’t need to. The only one who can’t tell these are totally two different signatures is Bob Eaton. Then insults the potential bidder adding his Certificate of Authenticity. Believe us, this is far from being an isolated incident. Want more proof Bob Eaton, a PSADNA autograph authenticator and his RR Auction has no clue. Study the genuine signature of Chaing Kai Shek above. Now compare it with the signed photo illustrated below. The photo below is from RR catalog #327, November 14, 2007, item #365.
Chaing Kai Shek photo mis-described by Bob Eaton Soth Vietnam President Nguyen Van Thieu
This wannabe authenticator states that this signature is Nguyen Van Thieu, president of South Vietnam. This item also comes with the invaluable, worthless RR Certificate of Authenticity.

We know whose signature is on the slip for item #185 but we are not here to educate Bob Eaton, we have tried for years and he does not respond, just ignores the experts and continues to sell the items he is told are not genuine, mis-described and mis-identified! Let’s not forget that all these bad items comes with a WORTHLESS RR Auction COA.

Breaking News:
March 29, 2010
Noted Forger, Thief and Liar
One of the hobby’s early bad boys has come out of hiding. Over two decades ago, this rotten apple was thrown out of the UACC for ethic’s violations. The disgraced Herman Darvick was once president of the UACC.
Herman Darvick Expelled from UACC
Mr. Darvick was expelled from the UACC for failure to pay a member monies owed from a sale at his auction and failing to return unsold items to the same member.
After 20 some odd years, this statement has quietly and mysteriously disappeared from the UACC website. Now, with this statement gone, Darvick has joined the James Spence so called authenticating team.

The amount of bad unauthentic material Darvick has sold through his auctions will hurt the hobby for decades to come. Some typical emails we have received from collectors about Darvick follow:
"…in the past I purchased many autographs from Herman Darvick that I assumed were authentic….in recent years I have consigned some of them to R&R Enterprises and some have come back as being secretarial or unauthentic…I obtained letters from RR for the unauthentic ones stating why they aren’t real. I need to contact Herman Darvick to try to get a refund for them since he guaranteed them for life….I am out several thousand dollars…."

"…I set up at a show in Massachusetts…and there was a Herman Darvick sighting…I asked the collector ‘what the f_ _ _ is he doing at your table?’ The collector/dealer shrugged his shoulders, without an answer. Darvick wasn’t at the show very long. Must have bumped into someone he owed some coin to…"

"…I recently purchased a Salvador Dali print, hand signed…from a live TV auction…authenticated by Herman Darvick…according to Mr. Hockman, Dali never made a one of a kind print, these items valued at $19,500.00 are fakes, not signed by the artist. I am attempting to get as much information together to present to the Consumer fraud Unit of the Los Angeles DA’s office and would appreciate any information you might be able to provide regarding Darvick…."

"…Darvick sold bad material…I remember when he sold a fake Honus Wagner to …years ago…"

"…those I purchased from Darvick are the Bergman small S/P, the Oliver Hardy S/P, the Sinatra/Kelly S/P, the Hayworth S/P, the Bogart S/P, and the Travolta S/P for starters..if the Jayne Mansfield S/P is inscribed to the Carteles on it’s 30th anniversary it is from Darvick…if the John Wayne S/P is inscribed to Randall it is from Darvick…are you going to include a letter for each item that is secretarial….?"



If you go back into www.autographalert.com archives, a story/warning about Darvick appears on August 13, 2007. We called him out as a forger of autographs. We illustrated three presidential forgeries he executed directly in front of one of the officials involved in this site. That article was not only truthful but devastating. Since that story was published not a word in it has changed! Darvick can’t request any changes for he knows he forged those and many other signatures for anyone who requested to see his work at the UACC shows.

Of course, James Spence knows Darvick is a forger. Doesn’t seem to matter as water seems to seek its own level. Darvick is one heck of an addition to the team which is starting to look more like a line-up.

We know most reading this site are not autograph authenticators but surely every can see the following signature of Babe Ruth is clearly the worst example of a forgery you will ever see.

Babe Ruth Forgery

We illustrate this signature of Ruth because it was authenticated and sold by Herman Darvick as item #285 in his 1991 auction. The signature was part of a 21 word note which proves Darvick has no clue to what a genuine signature of Ruth should look like nor is he familiar with Ruth’s handwriting. Anyone making such a horrendous mistake should never be authenticating for anyone. So much for the JSA so called authenticating team.

Darvick has basically been brought out of hiding by John Reznikoff of University Archives who has given him a job. Darvick who has been in financial difficulty as long as most of us can remember is now a slave for Reznikoff and has recently been used to fight Reznikoff’s battles. Only positive thing here is those who know Darvick avoid him.

Darvick and Reznikoff appear to be a perfect match, like two peas in a pod. We all now know where they are and can keep an eye on them!

As for additional newly discovered Darvick problems, we have been advised of something very disturbing. It will affect our entire industry negatively. It gives us insight into how a criminal mind can work. Darvick sold a Babe Ruth/Lou Gehrig photograph of the two fishing. To Darvick it bore what he thinks were genuine signatures of Ruth & Gehrig. Darvick issued his own COA along with the usual claims of his lifetime guarantee. The photo was purchased by a well known dealer who has a gallery in New York City. The dealer gave the photo to PSA/DNA (Darvick was a PSA/DNA authenticator from 2006-2009) and they determined the Ruth/Gehrig signatures were forgeries. Darvick has been contacted for a refund. He refused! Darvick’s reason for refusal was that: "I am no longer in the autograph business, I am an authenticator now!"

Unbelievable, however an outright lie! Collectors need to know this as others are also looking for Darvick to obtain refunds. Darvick is in business of selling autographs and he has been doing so on eBay. He has been a member since 2001. His seller info is "teacher33188" and he has been selling long enough to acquire over 2, 000 feedbacks.

Collectors who have purchased forgeries from Darvick in the past need not to accept his lame excuse that he is no longer in business. Because of this undesirable what collector can be expected to accept anyone’s "Lifetime Guarantee?"

Herman Darvick, an evil individual, has done more than anyone else to help kill that "lifetime guarantee" for the many honest dealers today.

Breaking News:
March 20, 2010
Epperson Backed By Steve Cyrkin/Autograph magazine,
James Spence Authentication, and RR Auctions
The following story contains some very graphic language not suitable for most adults. The contents are published here for clarity and accuracy purposes only. Be warned!
Roger Epperson of Signed, Sealed, Delivered and Real, recently wrote a silly, childish story titled; "See What an Honest Dealer Has To Put Up With."

Steve Cyrkin of Autograph magazine is possibly best known for calling a Jewish dealer a "kike" has supported Epperson, the unsavory character, through many of Epperson’s lows and downfall. While both are well known, industry wide, for rude and cruel statements toward some of their fellow peers, the lying and unethical behavior by both has reached epidemic proportions.

We have counted 78 lies told by just Roger Epperson in the last 5 months. The only statement by Roger Epperson that we have not yet been able to confirm as a lie is when he stated; "I resigned PSA/DNA just three days after busting Zach Rullo for forgery." Zach Rullo is still working at PSA/DNA as what they call an autograph authenticator.

What constitutes a good guy? Does Epperson authenticating countless forgeries pass the muster? Epperson sure wins first prize by authenticating as genuine re-released record albums dated as many as 22 years after the celebrity had died. Epperson according to his opinion still thinks it’s possible for dead men to autograph albums. Epperson is currently doing so for James Spence Authentication and RR Auctions.
Does being a chronic liar constitute being a good guy? Epperson has told nothing but lies with the possible exception of the one we cannot confirm as being false about Zach Rullo. He caught PSA/DNA’s authenticator, Zach Rullo forging autographs.
Does cheating on ones wife constitute being a good guy? Several are guilty of this on their side. However, this is all about autograph collecting therefore we will not drag their personal lives into this.
Does cursing out customers who call you out for selling forgeries constitute being a good guy? This almost appears to be normal for Epperson as he is well known for doing this. There is who’s who list of people being told off, cursed and much worse. All they wanted was a refund because they bought bogus material from Roger Epperson.
They have formed a "gang" and gave themselves the name "The White Hat Gang." This group, which consists of only a handful has crossed the line like never before.
Epperson thinks he’s hiding behind the word "Truth" to shovel lies at epidemic proportions to those that will read his nonsense. He posted some accusations made against him by a Cori Raiderman who suggested Roger may be a child molester. Epperson bit back with horrific statements without stating the facts or truth. In fact if you read what Epperson or Cyrkin will tell you and believe just half of it you might think these two clowns created the world in just 7 days. Let us tell you they didn’t!!! Far from it.
What has transpired to the downward spiral of both of Epperson and Cyrkin? Lets look at just some of the recent facts they do not want you to know.
On the site www.ripoffreport.com there have been many complaints filed against Roger Epperson for his unsavory actions. These include passing as genuine bad material to his unprofessional conduct. Epperson responds to collectors and dealers with complete lies and insults. He has stated such idiotic things as telling a collector he would go to prison and that Epperson was going to be allowed to choose his prison cell mate.
Epperson tries some scare tactics and tells the collector he committed International Fraud yet he lives in the same country as Epperson. Epperson through his rants has stated icons in the industry who have far more experience, professionalism and morals are proven criminals. Yet they have never broken any law, let alone have Epperson’s fabrications and lies been proven. It appears to Roger Epperson, lying has become his second language. It is no wonder many collectors and dealers are seeing Epperson for what he truly is, a classless, disgusting joke in our industry.
Steve Cyrkin who has made many mistakes lately stands behind Roger Epperson. Cyrkin’s website, known for years to be selling forgeries of contemporary celebrities, remains down nearly a year after he claimed it would be back up. This should speak volumes about Cyrkin’s character. Cyrkin has foolishly been using his magazine to poorly attempt to go after others (non advertisers) thinking it keeps eyes off himself.
The Epperson fiasco is so bad even autograph organizations are getting involved. The IADA, known as the International Autograph Dealers Association recently warned collectors with the hopes of preventing them from buying fake material. The material was anything that came with a COA issued by REAL, otherwise known as Roger Epperson. This warning was due to many fake/forged items being authenticated by Epperson as genuine. Knowing a date of when an item was manufactured is paramount in authentication. Before analyzing a signature one should know whether or not it was possible for someone to sign the item. If it wasn’t created during their lifetime, how could they possibly sign it? Everyone knows Babe Ruth cannot sign a 2009 magazine so when the disturbing facts came out that Epperson was passing material on tems created up to 22 years after the celebrity had died, the IADA did the right thing by warning its membership. To do nothing in regards to this fraud germinating the industry would have been reckless. For fear of more public humiliation, Epperson resigned his membership in the club when he discovered the ethic’s committee was investigating him.
Epperson loves to toot his own horn and tells collectors he authenticates for eBay. Let us set the record straight once and for all. The following is a portion of an email sent to a collector on March 8, 2010 from and individual we will not name but is in "eBay Customer Support." "…We have a list of valid authenticating companies/authenticators, and only articles with certificates released by those companies are allowed to be listed on eBay. Upon checking the item number you gave…Stevie Ray Vaughn signed autograph ticket, I see that the seller claims a certain Roger Epperson graded its authenticity. Unfortunately this individual is not included in our list of certified authenticators, so this listing should not be allowed. Having said this, I forwarded your report to the appropriate team who can take action on the offending listing…" It certainly appears Epperson’s "White Hat" is shot full of holes.

www.ripoffreport.com Epperson decided to combat all the negative complaints lodged against him by many victims of his company. Epperson does so with poor grammar, mis-spelled words and slanderous accusations. As Epperson’s career continued to spiral downward and out of control he resorted to slander, defamation of character and libel. His reputation for doing despicable things finally caught up with him. Instead of apologizing to the many victims he harmed, Epperson took on a knew identity and pretended he was a girl named Tara. How do we know this? Because only Roger Epperson can respond on www.ripoffreport.com website as "Owner of Company". While the insanity was going on with Epperson and his authentication mistakes and his company was being exposed he would respond signing his real name at the conclusion of each of his rants. Each of Epperson’s responses would show his password code "Owner of Company." Roger’s rants looking ever so foolish needed some sort of backup. Finally, Epperson takes on the identity of Tara. On January 7, 2010 he/she writes: "All these autograph dealers are scum. Look at Mike Frost BIG fat ugly man who couldn’t get laid with a handful of fifty’s or forgeries. This guy Frost is such a dirt bag he gets pictures with the stars and then makes countless forgeries with them. This guy also makes super imposed pictures of stars signing that is why he goes after anyone else because he is the biggest dirty scum there is. He continues to rip people off with his BOGUS PAAS COA’s. Frost should be in bars and I don’t mean eating candy bars. By the way Roger you have a great dick if you don’t have a job with RR Auctions you should o [sic] into porn. You [sic] dick is as big has [sic] Frost’s waistline. Tara."
When Epperson wrote this sick and disgusting message and signed it "Tara" he was too dumb to realize that his code name to log onto the site would show up on the message. Yes, "Owner of Company" which is on all of Epperson’s prior postings also appeared on the one he wrote in as "Tara."
Wow, this coming from Roger Epperson, former PSA/DNA authenticator and currently authenticating for James Spence Authentication and RR Auctions. RR Auction has been removing items from their auctions previously authenticated by Epperson on a regular basis. Some call RR Auctions music section as "Pulled For Further Review."
Steve Cyrkin whose struggling magazine (there is an autograph amber alert for the February 2010 issue) has lost many subscribers and major long time advertisers still stands behind one of his last "full page advertiser" Roger Epperson.

In response to Epperson’s writings thinking he’s hiding as Tara, a person by the name of Cori asked Epperson via email who is Tara? Epperson, already proven he’s not the sharpest pencil in the drawer, was dumb enough to respond: "Tara is my 8 month old daughter, now your asking about my daughter? This will make a great story."

Now, if Epperson’s first statement is true, and his last statement is also true, he wants Cori to believe his 8 month old daughter compliments his dick? So Cori calls him out on this and instead of being professional or responsible Epperson writes: "See what honest dealers have to put up with?"

Epperson still not realizing his log on code "Owner of Company" was posted on his last message continues to pretend he is Tara. Epperson, obviously blinded by anger writes once again on February 15, 2010: "It’s Tara again, I heard threw [sic] the inner circles that Mike Frost was choking on a ham sandwich and died just like Mama Cass from the Mama and Papa’s. Funny thing is that Mr. Frost looks like the male version of mama cass [sic]. Mr. Frost in drag very scary swinging his man boob’s like pizza doe being tossed in the air. I hope they can find a big enough casket to put that large pile of lard in. Everyone here at R&R auctions will sign the casket as well as our friends at JSA, GAI and PSA/DNA. I will even spread my pussy lips as a pap smear on there for him, the closest thing he will get to pussy. Farewell Frosty, Tara."
First, notice the music analogy and again this message is identified by the website as from "Owner of Company." Only Roger Epperson could be responsible for posting the two blogs signed as "Tara." Epperson has now incriminated RR Enterprises. Any legitimate company would distance themselves from Epperson if they cared about their public persona. In writing, Epperson also incriminates JSA, PSA and GAI stating they will sign Mike Frost’s casket. For these companies to continue to be associated with Epperson speaks volumes.

Supporting these vulgar messages is horrendous and should not be tolerated. These type of actions should not be allowed in any justice system or industry. These people and individuals should be boycotted forever or until they publicly apologize to their many victims and all their customers. Since this is their character and there are no morals in their septic minds what will they not do? Do you think they care about passing and selling forgeries? Think again. Do you think they are above forging material themselves? Think again. There is nothing TOO LOW for this group of scoundrels.

Recently a criminal psychiatrist with a history of testifying in court in regards to whether or not criminals were able to stand trial based on insanity was shown Roger Epperson’s emails, statements, blogs and comments. She was paid to analyze what type of repugnant individual would write like him. She agreed to write out a statement on her letterhead but after reading Epperson’s words and statements declined stating; "Most people I am asked to comment on, that display this much emotional instability are typically already behind prison bars. At risk for my safety I refuse to publicly make comments on this character while he is a free member of our society." This criminal psychiatrist has studied the minds of John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Ted Bundy, Jeffrey Dahmer and now Roger Epperson. She can’t even refer to Epperson as a person, rather she calls him a character.

So who do you trust? Those that lie about everything, pass and sell forgeries and take on other identities to slander those far more credible than themselves with sick, twisted sexual comments. This is what is referred to as a member of "The White Hat Gang" with Roger Epperson as their poster child.

What is next? Will Epperson, riddled with hate appear at a show and open fire? A well known criminal psychiatrist who deals in such wackos refused to put her comments in writing; ".....at risk for her safety."
Editor's note: The author of this article, is a first time writer for www.autographalert.com, and has been following the antics of Roger Epperson for quite some time and has built a large file on Epperson’s long list of items he sold that were not genuine. The author wants to remain anonymous for the same reason why the criminal psychiatrist refused to put her statement in writing, for fear of their safety.
Breaking News:
March 19, 2010
Autograph Authenticator Looses Lawsuit
HBO Program Portrayed Him As Authenticator of Choice for Forgery Ring

The HBO cable television channel won dismissal of a $5 million defamation lawsuit by a Brooklyn, New York handwriting expert. Frangipani, who claims he can authenticate autographs accused HBO television channel and "Real Sports" host Bryant Gumbel of tying him to an autograph forgery ring.

This weeks ruling by Manhattan U.S. District Judge George Daniels in federal court rejected claims by Donald Frangipani. Frangipani claims he has more than 40 years of experience in forensic documents. This experience supposedly includes authenticating sports autographs and other memorabilia by Babe Ruth, Tiger Woods and more.

HBO is a unit of Time Warner Inc.

In his 2008 lawsuit, Frangipani alleged that HBO violated New York State defamation law over a January 2006 "Real Sports" segment, "Forger's Paradise," in which the program portrayed him as an authenticator of choice for a forgery ring broken up by the FBI in 2000.

Frangipani also accused large authentication companies of violating federal antitrust and racketeering laws by conspiring to keep him out of the market.

Among the defendants were Gumbel, who hosted "Real Sports," as well as narrator Armen Keteyian and several producers.

In the 15-page decision, Judge Daniels said the plaintiff failed to show that the authentication companies violated federal antitrust and racketeering laws by scheming to freeze him out of the market, or that customers refused to use his authentication services.

Because Frangipani's federal claims were dismissed, Daniels declined to exercise jurisdiction over the state law defamation claim.

The case is Frangipani v. HBO et al, U.S. District Court, Southern District of New York, No. 08-5675.

Breaking News:
March 18, 2010
F.B.I. Snatches Autograph Thief

Over the last few months, William J. Scott of Longmeadow, Massachusetts, an 18 year old freshman at Drew University in New Jersey, was stealing valuable letters while working part time at the University's United Methodist Archives Center. He sold thousands of dollars of letters and F.B.I. agents found others in his dresser drawer after executing a search warrant of his dorm room. Scott was handcuffed when led into the U.S. District Court in Newark, New Jersey for a bail hearing. He faces a $250,000 fine and up to ten years in prison if convicted.
Authorities said Scott, a Drew freshman, worked as a paid student assistant at the Archives Center since approximately October 2009. The Archives Center is home to the official archival repository for The United Methodist Church. Its collection includes records from the various denominational agencies within the United Methodist tradition, and personal papers of several bishops, denominational leaders, and missionaries from the 18th, 19th and 20th centuries.
Many of the documents housed at the Archives Center are maintained in a secure storage room that is locked and only accessible to those who, like Scott, are given keys by the Archives Center.
Included among the papers stored in the secure storage room at the Archives Center are approximately 145 letters of John and Charles Wesley, the founders of Methodism. The letters were written in the 18th and 19th centuries and are valued on the open market at between approximately $5,000 and $12,000 per letter. Also included among the documents at the Archives Center are various letters written by past presidents of the United States, including Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Delano Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, to various Methodist Bishops and other important Methodist figures.
“It is a sad day when a student at one of our nation’s learning institutions pilfers great cultural and historical resources, rather than respects and learns from them.” U.S. Attorney Paul J. Fishman said.

Items stolen include twenty-one pieces from John Wesley, and several from U.S. Presidents including Abraham Lincoln, Andrew Johnson, FDR, Eisenhower and Nixon.

Scott sold many of the letters to leading dealers throughout the United States and as far away as England, it was reported. The F.B.I. is in the process of attempting to retrieve the stolen items. According to the agent in charge the F.B.I. will try and help the dealers involved get refunds.

Anyone who has purchased items from William Scott during the last few months, or sent checks to his home address in Longmeadow, Massachusetts, should contact www.autographalert.com via eMail. We will put you in touch with the F.B.I. Special Agent in New Jersey who is handling this case.

Breaking News:
March 15, 2010
NEW Autograph Show & Sale

Saturday, May 22, 2010, 10am till 5 pm
To be held at
"The Show Emporium"

Located only 7 miles West of the Ft. Lauderdale Airport at
9730 Griffin Road, Cooper City, FL 33328
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Mr. Dan Rowe from The Written Word, Autograph Auction in New Hampshire will be on hand taking consignments for his next auction.
"PAAS" on site Autograph Authentication/Appraisals.
Autograph open forum and roundtable event - everyone is welcome to attend, listen, speak and ask questions.
It’s been almost ten years since Florida’s last professional autograph show and sale. Collectors are craving to meet the dealers and add items to their collections. Dealer tables are "free" but there is a limited supply.

FREE Admission, Free Parking, Come See The Titanic Exhibit

Free educational autograph course. Instructed by Todd Mueller from Colorado, once eBay’s largest autograph seller. He sold over one million autographs on eBay. Although his user name is still in effect, he no longer uses them. Attend the course, "The Pitfalls of Dealing With eBay and Their Authenticators." Everyone attending the course will receive a "Certification of Completion." Course starts at 9:15am.
(954) 434-4484 ask for Richard Scott

Free Coffee & Cake available during this event!
Breaking News:
March 1, 2010
James Spence, JSA Authentication,
an Autograph Authenticating Circus
There is no question, James Spence and his lame attempt to authenticating autographs is "out of control." Making matters worse is his association as an authenticator for eBay. This is a major part of the problem regarding all the stories you read on the internet about buying autographs on eBay.

The Spence Authenticating Circus continues and the authenticating clowns are making a real mess of things. UNFORTUNATELY BECAUSE OF THESE AUTHENTICATORS AND THOSE WHO ATTACH THER NAMES TO THESE COMPANIES, COLLECTORS ARE LEAVING THE HOBBY! Too many collectors have bought bad autographs authenticated as genuine by these authenticating clowns. The amount of bad items they have authenticated "as genuine" has flooded the market. We are getting inundated with emails of how many genuine autographs are being turned down. If you are lucky enough to get hold of James Spence and complain about his incompetence his answer is: "well, you paid for an opinion." These opinions lacking expertise are backed by nothing.

Unfortunately, there are still some uneducated collectors who have been taken by the full page ads and the dealers left who like to push these authenticators. The sellers believe they do not need to have any responsibility for the items they offer. When these same dealers are given proof they sold a bad item with a COA from an authenticating company they will tell you "we don’t know autographs the authenticator said it was genuine."

This site has warned collectors many times of the unbelievable amount of mistakes made by these authenticators we can no longer assist individuals with their problems with these imposters impersonating autograph authenticators. If you chose to waste your money on their "guess" or ‘opinion" you deserve what you get. There is enough information about these people on the internet to warn you. Have you ever read a positive article, anywhere, about these authenticators?

More than once readers have been advised to boycott shows, card shops and sellers of autographs who use these authenticators. We can assure all of you that every dealer who uses these authenticators knows very well how incompetent they are.

Just to refresh everyone’s memory to ensure you things are not even close to getting better with these authenticating companies we knew of a few items that a collector was interested in purchasing from a store that specializes in autographs. The collector still feeling nervous about purchasing something from a legitimate dealer said "would you mind if I just got a second opinion on the three items." He was told pick any of the authenticators he wishes and James Spence was the one he wanted to try.

Item #1, a poster signed by Hank Aaron. This item was signed "in person" at a card show for a collector who is also a celebrity. This celebrity you would recognize if you watched any of the doo wop shows on television. This rock and roll celebrity purchased an autograph ticket and waited in line for Aaron’s autograph.

"In Person" Hank Aaron Autograph

Item #2. A limited edition art print of the American Flag, numbered and signed by the artist. One of the most respected dealers in the United States who specializes in Presidential autographs held this print in his hand while former President Richard Nixon signed it.

"In Person" Richard Nixon signature
Item #3. A team ball signed by the New York Yankees. Joe Torre signed on the sweet spot and the rest of the Yankees signed on the side panels including Derek Jeter. This ball was hand signed by the Yankee team for one of their retired team members who was also a coach for the team. Each signature on this ball was signed "in person."

"In Person’ signed by Joe Torre

"In person" signatures including Derek Jeter

The foolish collector wasted good money for the "opinion" or "guess" from James Spence and his band of authenticators. Each item was turned down as not likely genuine.

Once again, positive proof this circus of authenticators has "no clue" as to what they are doing. Every single COA ever issued by this group is suspect! Most dealers and even autograph organizations do not recognize these certificates.

The names of those associated with and allow their names to be used with this authenticating circus are as follows:
James J. Spence, Jr.
Larry Studebaker
Scott Cornish
Bob Eaton, RR Auctions
Mike Gutierrez
Kip Ingle
Tom Kramer, Golden Age Autographs
Frank Kukla
John Reznikoff, University Archives
Roger Epperson., Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Scott Stimell
J.D. Bardwell, Autograph World
Herman Darvick

Let’s look inside the circus tent, look at the roster, mostly identified rogues and dissect it, in part.

You have one that is very anti-semitic. This clown sent a nasty negative email to a collector in Germany mentioning the Germans making lampshades out of the skin of Jews. He ends his email stating you don’t know how nasty I can get. The hobby was outraged, pressure on the auction house caused this doofus to be fired.

Another one named above runs an auction house and is proven to have a long history of selling bad autographs. He even continues to sell non genuine autographs when he has been advised by several experts they were bad weeks before the end of the auction.

The "King" of selling bad autographs is on the list. One collection of forgeries he was involved in selling sold for nearly 8 million dollars. An industry record! Try to find someone who got a refund. His partner went to prison. Two autograph clubs he was a member, he resigned from one over the forgery scandal and the other removed him for ethics violations. Forged Elvis Presley’s lyrics and Elvis’s hair sold in a Chicago auction probably run a second and third. Wait to you eventually read about his past exploits in the postage stamp business.

Another nut case who wished, in writing, some collectors die in 2010 and also wished they to get prostate cancer. Maybe this sicko is best know for purchasing from multiple forgers over many years and authenticating as genuine signatures of celebrities who have been dead for a dozen or more years where their forged signatures were signed on modern albums.

One listed above, some call him "Mr. Autograph Disgrace. " This yo yo was thrown out of an autograph club he was once president. It was over ethic’s violations. This hot dog forged presidential autographs and was so proud of his work, he did this openly at shows in front of collectors and dealers. This dangerous dude is also a liar and thief of autographs left in his care. Later he was caught selling autographs he stole on his eBay site. He is now working out of the office of another listed above. Two peas in a pod.

There’s so much more, but you get the idea. All the above are supporting this authentication circus which floods the industry with bad autographs authenticated "as genuine." Sadly, let’s not forget, eBay well aware of these flaws continues to use this service for authenticating autographs offered on their site.

The autograph hobby is screaming for outside intervention and regulation! FBI, Big Brother, any Congressman/Senator are you listening?

Breaking News:
February 25, 2010

What else can you call this guy who has embarrassed himself through PSADNA and continues under his own name telling everyone to "follow the leader." Spence has got to be delusional. This self-proclaimed "leader" will help fill your collection with fake autographs or tell you your genuine autographs are fake. He has taken rubber stamped and preprinted signatures and issued his worthless COA stating the item is genuine. What else can you expect from someone impersonating an autograph authenticator?

Spence has made a fool of himself at shows authenticating forged signatures as genuine of a celebrity who was attending the same show as an autograph guest.

A popular item sold on eBay was the taped interview of Spence on Fox News where Spence authenticated as genuine signatures that were specifically forged for Spence to examine.

Another ridiculous situation, James Spence is one of eBay’s authenticators. The above mentioned tape was eventually pulled from being sold by eBay. It was one heck of an embarrassment. With Spence and PSADNA being authenticators for eBay it’s no surprise why so many bad autographs are being sold as genuine on eBay. Not to mention that good autographs are being taken down. These authenticating imposters just don’t know. We can assure you that eBay is very much aware of this autograph authenticating mess. Many are calling these authenticating companies, scams!

If anything imaginable could go wrong authenticating autographs at James Spence Authentication, you can be assured it has many times over. Do you want another reason to avoid anything that comes with a James Spence Authentication?

Go to eBay, item number 220555250928. B-E Collecibles is offering a Chris Short Single signed baseball. B-E Collectibles states in their description that a Certificate of Authenticity is included from reputable JSA". Now, where did B-E hear that JSA was reputable? We have to believe they know better but this is just one more reason to avoid doing business with any seller who sells something authenticated by one of the companies who claims they can authenticate autographs. This ball got 8 bids from 5 uneducated bidders. It sold for $145.50.
A Gary Sheffield Signed Baseball That was
James Spence (JSA) Authenticated as Chris Short Signed Baseball
"Follow the Leader, James Spence" to the bottom of the autograph barrel. Spence at a minimum needs to be tarred and feathered before fleeing this hobby. Whatever happened when an inexperienced authenticator got it wrong by saying a forged autograph was genuine and issued their worthless COA. Just as often, these simpletons failed genuine autographs. It appears those were the good ole days. Let’s "Follow the Leader" to a new lower level. The signature on the ball illustrated above is NOT of Chris Short. It is the fairly common signature of Gary Sheffield. James Spence you hit rock bottom and need to find another vocation. The hobby needs to rid themselves of these quasi-authenticators.

In future B-E Collectibles sales., will they still use James Spence Authentication and state "included from reputable JSA"?

Most card shops and shows that have James Spence Authenticating are well aware of his authenticating incompetence. It’s all about making a buck and these business need to be avoided. They are all contributing to having a continuous flow of mis-authenticated items enter collections.

The hobby is still attempting to self police itself. Collectors need to avoid all shops, shows and the few auction houses left that use these wannabe autograph authenticators.

Breaking News:
February 14, 2010

The autograph hobby/industry continues to have serious problems. Many sellers and auction houses who belong to clubs use their membership status as a disguise to appear being honorable. Club’s have so-called "Ethic’s Boards" yet do basically nothing against those members they favor who continually sell non genuine autographs. One reason for favoring these undesirable sellers and auction houses is because they support the clubs and an industry magazine with full page ads. The industry magazine who takes full page ads from these same miscreant sellers and auctions is equally responsible for allowing non genuine autographs to enter the hobby. Another problem is one just needs to look at some of the autographs the owner of the industry magazine was selling (also considered a conflict of interest) and you can see why he is unfamiliar with authenticating autographs.

It seems the hobby is "out of control" with absolutely no regulations! It’s all about greed!

How much more irresponsible can the hobby get when an auction house is notified weeks before the end of their sale, by several experts in the field, that an item they are auctioning has been identified as not genuine and the auction house totally ignores the information?

The item is #79 Lyndon B. Johnson , The White House Card in the February 10, 2010 RR Auction. As early as January 28, Bob Eaton of RR Auction was hearing, in writing, from those who collect and specialize in these cards. He was advised this item did not contain an authentic signature of LBJ. Since then at least five different experts in the field of presidents have contacted RR Auctions, in writing, about this card. Not one person received even a courtesy response from RR Auction.

For those unfamiliar with presidential signatures or these highly collectible cards, the first indication this card did not contain a genuine signature is the fact that the signature was authenticated by John Reznikoff of University Archives. He remains as the quasi authenticator for PSADNA and James Spence Authentications. This is the same John Reznikoff who in the past has made an innumerable amount of mistakes in authenticating autographs in most fields of autograph collecting. For well over a decade, Reznikoff has been an industry embarrassment! He has authenticated both printed signatures and machine signed signatures as genuine. This alone is an inexcusable mistake for anyone who is attempting to authenticate any autograph. Since he was unable to do that, the following was inevitable. He has identified the wrong person on more than one occasion and even not aware that a signature he authenticated as genuine was upside down. Regarding presidents of the United States, Reznikoff’s mistakes are legendary. There is just no spin for his authenticating a secretarial signature of Martin Van Buren as genuine (RR Auction 12/08). Another Reznikoff blunder was not being able to tell ink from a pen and he authenticated a very common, well documented, Andrew Johnson rubber stamped signature as genuine (Mastro 6/08). That alone is enough to run any quasi authenticator out of the industry. Then to authenticate a Theodore Roosevelt signature as genuine when it was the wrong Roosevelt, (Mastro Action, 6/08) is just plain horrifying. Reznikoff continues to prove he knows little about authenticating other presidents. He takes on a very common, well documented, Warren G. Harding secretarial signature and authenticates it as genuine (TLS on eBay James Spence/John Reznikoff, Nov. 09). In addition, Reznikoff screwed up again and again authenticating as genuine a Dwight D. Eisenhower secretarial signed TLS (eBay April 2/08 James Spence/John Reznikoff), and a Eisenhower secretarial signed card, an LBJ secretarial signed card and a Reagan machine signed signature all in one lot (Mastro April 2006). There’s so many more Reznikoff faux pas, a Richard Nixon machine signed signature (RR Auction, Jan. 2007), Gerald R. Ford machine signed signature (Mastro Feb 08) , and you could have found a Reagan machine signed signature as Governor on Reznikoff’s own website, item #38191-001 for $300.00.

The grand daddy of them all and probably what Reznikoff may be best known for was dealing, authenticating and selling John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe forgeries. It was in 1997 when the big story hit the New York Times and other national newspapers. Who doesn’t remember seeing Reznikoff on the evening news running from reporters. This was after he authenticated nearly 8 million dollars worth of forgeries, his partner eventually went to prison. Many years later we are still trying to find just one person who received a refund. This without question can easily get John Reznikoff into the Guinness Book of World Records. Over this incident, Reznikoff’s resignation was accepted by PADA, Professional Autograph Dealers Association, an autograph organization Reznikoff helped create.

Yet, the arrogant Reznikoff continues to authenticate JFK which still dupes some uneducated collectors. A typed letter signed in RR Auction May 06, authenticated as genuine by Reznikoff was clearly secretarial to anyone with the slightest knowledge of Kennedy autographs. This time, RR Auction was forced to withdraw the bogus item from their sale.

www.autographalet.com is not the only place that exposes John Reznikoff and his antics. A while back we received and email from a concerned collector over another one of these LBJ cards. The collector was upset that he was told by Reznikoff that his card was not genuine yet one that was selling at a RR Auction with a very similar signature was authenticated as genuine. The collector stated: "….but he (Reznikoff) provided a COA for the one on RR Auction…it seems unethical, at best, for Reznikoff to be authenticating for PSA/DNA and saying yours are fake, mine are real..so buy mine…it’s obvious that the signatures are all in the same hand…my friend is building a website as we speak because he’s fed up with Reznikoff’s lack of integrity." There’s so much more but we think you got the point regarding this authenticating underachiever.

RR Auction/Bob Eaton has been notified by industry experts more than 10 days before the sale ended that the LBJ card is not genuine. He was also told that in the book written specifically on these cards Collecting Executive Mansion, White House and The White House Cards Signed by the Presidents and Their First Ladies a full page is devoted to why this exact card is not genuine. The card is illustrated on page 85 of the book and it clearly states that the owner of the card, Mike Minor, who once hoped and thought it was genuine has agreed, several years ago, it was not. This conversation was held with Minor in 2003 two years before the information was published in the above mentioned book. Therefore the Eaton/Reznikoff team had five years to read an autograph reference book and discover the card that was about to sell was not genuine. Still would that have mattered? Totally ignoring the autograph community’s experts attempt to educate Eaton/Reznikoff , Bob Eaton/RR Auction sold the card for $4,096 which does not include the insulting 20% buyer’s premium.

The White House Card offered in RR Auction, Feb. 2010 sale, Item 379

One email received from a collector of these cards states: "RR Auctions is violating the code of ethics of the UACC with regard to this issue." Why does this practice of selling non genuine autographs allowed to be continued? Why else, corruption in this hobby/industry!

How can any seller of autographs or auction house be allowed to continue to operate when they are knowingly selling bad material and continue to thumb their noses at the experts?

Since these sellers of non genuine autographs think they can sit back and continue this practice with no consequences from within the autograph hobby, then maybe it’s time to go to "Big Brother".

We have contacted the New Hampshire Economic and Labor Market Information Bureau/Regulatory Agency, New Hampshire Board of Auctioneers. We heard back from Kaley Dion, Office of the Secretary of State and have been advised to go to www.sos.nh.gov/auctioneers She continues, "and then just click on complaint form."

Why should any auction, be allowed to operate, who continues the practice of selling non genuine items after being advised by the autograph community? RR Auction Co. LLC doing business as RR Auction, Carla Eaton auctioneers license NH3029 needs to be revoked! This may be the last chance for the autograph industry to clean itself up. The autograph hobby/industry has hit near bottom because of lack of regulations. Millions of dollars of bad autographs have found their way into collections. Through unscrupulous sellers of autographs and some loathsome auction houses, the hobby has hit near bottom. It’s more than past time for collectors and those who care about this hobby to take this situation in their own hands
Those who want to do their part in starting to clean up this hobby can fill out and file a complaint form.
Breaking News:
February 12, 2010

WWW.AUTOGRAPHALERT.COM asked the autograph community to come together and donate money for those in need in Haiti. We asked our readers to send anything they could, even a dollar.

We did not set a dollar amount goal but thought $250.00 would be a respectable amount to send as that could certainly purchase a case of antibiotics.

We have personal contact with the founder of the Kakok Foundation based in Miami. They have built a very successful clinic and a school in Ile-a-Vache, Haiti. At the school the children are also fed and in many cases this is the only meal they get each day The foundation has suggested charities that have the means to act now and who can be effective in helping the victims. Of all the charity’s available www.autographalert.com has chosen Doctors Without Borders for our hobby’s donation. This organization has set up a portable hospital right in the center of Port-au-Prince and is effectively helping with the medical needs of the survivors.

www.autographalert.com is pleased to announce that thus far we has exceeded our goal and have collected $566.00 as of February 10, 2010.

We are listing the names of the donors but not the amounts they donated. The sole reason for this is Roger Epperson, of Signed, Sealed, Delivered and a quasi-authenticator for James Spence Authentication and RR Auctions. Epperson has attempted to turn this good deed ugly. Therefore, www.autographalert.com will be pleased to divulge the individual donated amounts to anyone who has participated in this project.

Although we have exceeded our goal, www.autographalert.com will continue to represent the autograph community and accept donations. We will continue to forward the money to Doctors Without Borders in a timely manner. A copy of the check sent to Doctors Without Borders is illustrated below. The donation was sent to their office at P.O. Box 5030, Hagerstown, MD 21741.
Check mailed to Doctors Without Borders
The following angels have participated in this very special humanitarian program.

Hector Macho Camacho, Boxer, World Champion
Meade Chasky, Sports Agent
Pat Claren, Pat Claren Autographs
Mike Frost, Collectibles of the Stars
Jerry Gladstone, American Royal Arts
Kenneth Jacks
Lynne E. Keyes, Treasures in Writing.com
Ray Boom Boom Mancini, Boxer, World Champion
Barbara and Arnie Meyrowitz, Star Shots Autographs
Todd Mueller, Todd Mueller Autographs
Richard Scott, PAAS Authentication Service
Bill Serritello, irocknroll.com
Mickey Rivers, N.Y. Yankees centerfielder
Gary Sheffield, Outfielder N.Y. Yankees, future Hall of Famer
The Show Emporium Inc. Autograph Gallery
Michael Wehrmann, in person autograph collector

www.autographalert.com would also like to thank all those who have contacted us with their support but have already donated to Haitian relief organizations before we ran our story.

Breaking News:
January 23, 2010
RR Auction/John Reznikoff
When The Good of the Hobby
Needs to Come Before the Almighty Dollar

This duo, the RR Auction/Reznikoff gang is at it again.
We have heard from several knowledgeable collectors and dealers complaining about the authenticity of items in the RR Auctions February 2010 sale from presidential signed items to sports celebrities signatures. We will focus on just one item in this story since the item is so well documented.

It is a shame, even a disgrace, that some people still try to authenticate presidential autographs when they have failed at it so often and so miserably in the past. The latest Reznikoff/RR Auction mistake has been brought to our attention by a handful of collectors and dealers. It is the Lyndon B. Johnson The White House card in the current RR Auction, item #79.

We know for a fact that Bob Eaton and some of his staff at RR Auctions have been notified early in the last week of January in writing that this Johnson signature is NOT genuine. RR Auctions has NOT responded to any of the emails from collectors and dealers and several days later, as of Feb. 1, the item is still listed for sale. This item has 12 bids and is now at $1,433.00.
The sale is over on February 10th.

Item #79, February 2010, RR Auction
being sold as genuine yet bearing a non-authentic
signature of Lyndon B. Johnson
In the past, with the information available at the time, the signature on this card was believed to be genuine by two people; Mike Minor who owned the card and Charles Hamilton. Minor believed that of all of the similar LBJ cards that have turned up, his was the only known genuine example.

Mike Minor was called by autograph expert Stephen Koschal, and Minor was told the signature of LBJ was not genuine. Koschal walked Minor letter by letter through this signature explaining in detail why he believed the signature was NOT genuine and Minor agreed. Minor stated that in an upcoming new printing of his book From The President's Pen, he would make the correction about this LBJ card.

In the very popular autograph reference book, The History of Collecting Executive Mansion, White House and The White House cards Signed by the Presidents and their First Ladies by Stephen Koschal and Lynne Keyes, the authors illustrate and devote a full page to this exact card. Koschal also made front page news about this same card in the journal of the International Autograph Collectors Club and Dealers Alliance, Vol.#5, No.4, July/August 2001.
Most importantly, most educated collectors and dealers are well aware the incompetency of most third party authenticating companies. Does it surprise anyone that Bob Eaton of RR Auctions and John Reznikoff of University Archives are part of the authenticating team of both PSA/DNA and JSA, James Spence Authentication?

There are ten more days before this auction ends and many are watching to see if the almighty dollar trumps selling genuine autographs with this auction house.

Breaking News:
January 23, 2010
Roger Epperson Attempts To
Hamper Haitian Relief Fund

It is estimated nearly 100, 000 or more Haitian people could have perished during the earthquake that devastated Port au Prince and the surrounding area. Relief is coming from all ends of the earth. Many of those around the world who have little are sending what they can to help the survivors.

Steve Koschal, a hobby veteran for over 40 years came up with the idea to bring the entire autograph community together and do what they can through donations to help those who have survived in Haiti.

Unfortunately our hobby has one very sick and twisted individual who has posted comments on his website stating horrible things one being: "..if they think the money will be going to aid in the effort for Haiti, they are indeed morons…." That person is Roger Epperson! Roger Epperson who has admitted in writing that he bought autographed items from two different forgers. Roger Epperson was not able to tell the signatures were forged and resold them over the years.

We must bear in mind Roger Epperson is the individual who has sent emails to collectors calling them "idiots" and in others he has called them "morons" and recently said "…stupid dumb ass, I hope you die a painful death in the New Year…" Let’s not forget his recent email to a collector stating: "…prostate cancer would be perfect for you…." www.autographalert.com has copies of all these emails Roger Epperson has sent to collectors.

Roger Epperson claims he can authenticate autographs. It has been proven over and over again this weirdo has no clue what he is doing. He won’t respond to questions about how he has recently failed autograph items he has sold in the past. He won’t respond to questions about all the items in auctions that have been pulled as NOT authentic that came with Epperson’s certificates of authenticity. He won’t respond to questions about how he authenticated record albums that were signed by persons who have been dead over 20 years before the albums were produced.

Bottom line is how sick can anyone be to tell those who read his website not to donate to the Haitian Relief Fund? Would you believe this dimwit has a following of three?

We are witnessing Epperson’s Last Stand. He’s on his hill spewing his venom at the autograph community. Epperson with his destructive personality is hanging onto his "white hat" which has been shot full of holes. Left standing with him are only three of his supporters. Steve Cyrkin of Autograph magazine, Epperson is one of the last of his full page advertisers. Cyrkin is the fellow who was so foolish to put racist/anti-semitic statements in writing against another member of the autograph community. Cyrkin put in writing that he stake’s his "reputation" on Epperson. The same Cyrkin who claims he has pulled all the bad forged items from his inventory and to date his autograph website has been shut down for nearly a year. The same Cyrkin that talks about professional journalism yet without question he wrote the most embarrassing story of the last decade on rock and roll autographs. The same Cyrkin that lists peoples addresses in his magazine that have been dead for a year and tells his readers it may take awhile to get a response for their autograph requests.

Standing with Epperson and Cyrkin is James Spence. Anyone with a pulse in the autograph hobby is well aware about this fellows lack of authenticating skills. It’s all documented. We won’t waste anymore ink on this fellow.

And last we have RR Auctions who still uses Epperson after all the problems they have had with his authentications. One dealer refers to RR Auctions rock and roll music section as "the pulled for further review section." Several people in this industry believe the reason why RR Auction still uses Epperson is because of the almighty dollar. It certainly cannot be because they believe Epperson can accurately authenticate autographs. It wasn’t long ago that Bob Eaton of RR Auctions stated to a dealer "Epperson is nuts." Many believe Epperson is authenticating his own material and consigning the items to RR Auction. We followed this thought and emailed RR Auction. It doesn’t surprise us to find that RR Auction now needs a Public Relations person so we emailed them and also Bob Eaton owner of RR Auctions. We advised them both that we were writing a story about Epperson and simply requested some information about items that may have been consigned to them during 2009 by Epperson. The failure of RR Auctions Public Relations person and owner Bob Eaton to respond basically answers all of our questions.

Epperson’s website clearly shows he has a hatred for many people in the autograph hobby but why pick on the poor Haitian people who desperately need our help?

So the four is what appears to be left at Epperson’s Last Stand, surrounded by the thousands of members of the International Autograph Community. More proof that water seeks its own level.

Breaking News:
January 17, 2010
Roger Epperson The Self Proclaimed Rock & Roll
Autograph Authenticator????????

Roger Epperson of Signed Sealed and Delivered also goes under the name "REAL". Epperson has recently turned down as not authentic many hand signed autographs from The # 1 in-person Autograph Dealer & Collector " Michael Wehrmann". These autographs deemed not to be authentic by so called autograph authenticator Epperson include Neil Young, Sting, Keith Richards, Little Richard and Cher.

Michael Frost of P.A.A.S. an industry respected professional Rock and Roll authenticator has told Autograph Alert that he has re examined these and many other of Epperson's blunders and P.A.A.S. has found these signatures to be 100% authentic. P.A.A.S has been getting an unbelievable amount of Roger Epperson Letters of Authenticity's and Epperson Autographs, from concerned collectors, for reexamination since all of the disturbing news that has come out and exposed Epperson.

Epperson appears to have gone so insane pulling many questionable items off his website yet continuing to sell and consign to auction his own signed Rock & Roll autographs. Of course he has authenticated his own items (conflict of interest) however many of Epperson’s items have now been determined to be not authentic. One New England auction house in particular has been removing Epperson’s authenticated items from their sales fairly regularly. Worse, Epperson using his authenticating service has begun to turn down autographs that are offered by some of the most respected names in the industry.

How confused is Epperson? Here is a quote in Epperson's own words about Michael Wehrmann. "He has broken down some of the toughest signers in the business. As a collector I admire him, as a business man he is very stubborn, as to selling only items that are 100% authentic, EVERYTIME I worship him."" Roger Epperson.

Breaking News:
January 13, 2010
Calls for Humanitarian Aide for Haiti

Most readers of www.autographalert.com may be unaware of the connection this site has with the small impoverished country of Haiti.

This country has been hit with a massive earthquake. Thousands upon thousands have been killed and the capital city lies in ruins.

The people of Haiti are in desperate need of humanitarian aide.

One of the co-founders of this site is Stephen Koschal. Steve has been to Haiti over 30 times working with the people and government of Haiti. Because of Steve’s contacts in Washington during one of his visits to Port-Au-Prince, the government of Haiti asked Steve to use his influence to promote a meeting with Haitian officials and the U.S. Chairman of the Senate Appropriations Committee who Steve knew well.

From past disasters (9/11) we have all learned that donating to high profile associations doesn’t always work well. Portions of the money go to administration with only a portion getting to the scene of the disaster. Some of the donations were even put aside for future disasters.

www.autographalert.com through Steve, has a relationship with a Haitian Hospital and a school. This hospital was founded by a Miami doctor in 2002. This is a nonprofit organization and has NO administrative costs since all work is done on a voluntary basis. During an average day they see between 30 and 50 patients a day. For their school they supply about 260 meals a day consisting of rice and beans. For some of the students it’s their only meal. For $500 they have been able to purchase 15 sacks of rice and 4 sacks of beans for a month’s supply.

What is needed more than anything else right now is medical supplies. We know from all the emails we have received from our readers over the last five years that they have a big heart. Now is the time to open your hearts and donate money to help those in desperate need in Haiti. Any amount, even a dollar is needed and will be very much appreciated. Every dollar received will be given directly to the Haitian Hospital.

Cash, checks, money orders are gladly accepted and appreciated. They can be made out and sent to: Stephen Koschal, PO. Box 311061, Miami, FL 33231 USA. Mark on your payment "Haitian Relief Fund".

Donations can also be made by PayPal to the account: skoschal@aol.com

If you are unable to send a donation, please pray for the people of Haiti
Breaking News:
January 13, 2010
UACC Needs to Answer Some Questions

It certainly seems like many autograph collectors are furious. Members of the UACC want to know what they got for their whopping $35.00 annual dues paid in 2009.

Where is the March/April 2009 issue of the Pen & Quill, the club’s bimonthly journal?
Where is the May/June issue of the Pen & Quill?
Where is the July/August issue of the Pen & Quill?

Well, what a surprise it was when an issue titled "Fall 2009" showed up with statements like "our loyal membership is down" which doesn’t sound like they were loyal at all. They just wanted what they paid for! In addition, the journal stated that they couldn’t hold up to a publishing schedule……Why? Remember all the positive things they said were coming with the new editor?

But now they say they are back on track. Did anyone receive a November/December 2009 issue, or what they may now prefer to call a Winter 2009 issue?

They say the panic is over. Who was panicking besides the officers at the UACC? What was the panic about? They state that belt tightening is just beginning. Belt tightening at whose expense? Does this mean it can possibly get worse? The membership fee stays the same and now they tell their members that they are going to cut back to four issues of the Pen & Quill a year instead of the usual six.

They are calling for a improved format for the magazine. Didn’t we hear that more than once before? Was the format better during the last several issues or did members find the journal quite difficult to read?

Many would like to have about three quarters of their 2009 membership fee refunded! After all, the club told potential members that they would receive six issues of the Pen & Quill for their $35.00 membership fee, $50.00 foreign.

Others ask, where did all this membership and advertising money go? The UACC saved thousands upon thousands of dollars during 2009 for not publishing 4 journals. Can anyone imagine what that figure might be especially if we add the savings in mailing costs for both the US and foreign areas. Has anyone seen a financial report? Where did the dues money go?

Are members furious? Here’s a sample email we received from a UACC member this week.
"….I got my renewal form for the UACC yesterday and threw it in the trash. I think with my last year of membership I got one copy of the Pen & Quill. I had been renewing just to see what happened, but I don’t see the purpose anymore. I don’t see how anyone else would renew at this point…" Amen!

Breaking News:
January 11, 2010
For Immediate Release
American Royal Arts Announces New Company Direction

Boca Raton, FL, January 7, 2010 – During the 24 years that American Royal Arts has been serving the collector community, the company has represented some of the most important studios and individuals in the entertainment industry, including Apple Corp., Warner Bros., MGM/Rocky, DreamWorks, HBO Animation, Fox Studios, King Features Elvis Presley Enterprises, Frank Sinatra Enterprises, MirrorPix and Hulton Archive Photography collections, among others.

"It has only been during the last few years that the company diversified into secondary market rock and roll memorabilia," said American Royal Arts President Jerry Gladstone. "Our primary focus going forward is to no longer deal with secondary market vendors and to focus our energies on dealing with licensed product directly from studios, celebrities and their agents."

American Royal Arts has recently completed in-person signings with Muhammad Ali, Grace Slick and Brian Wilson, as well as Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan through Upper Deck. Additional signings are scheduled in the near future.

ARA came to this decision based upon several factors, including the apparently doctored photographs the company received from one of its vendors that were used in its marketing efforts.

"We are sincerely disheartened by this situation and have filed a lawsuit against Gallery of Dreams, the vendor who supplied ARA with the photos," Gladstone said. "In addition, we have put new safety measures in place to ensure that nothing like this ever happens again."

Breaking News:
January 4, 2010
www.autographalert.com Announces
The Creation Of Two Annual Awards

www.autographalert.com is proud to announce the establishment of two awards that will be issued annually.

One will be to the individual, autograph dealer, trade magazine, autograph authenticator or autograph organization who our readers feel has done the most for our hobby over the last year or so.

The other award will be to the individual, autograph dealer, trade magazine, autograph authenticator or organization who fell short, and needs improvement in order to make this hobby a better place. Or maybe better yet, that they just leave the hobby.

These awards are very important for this autograph hobby/business. There is no club or magazine in the autograph field that has anywhere near the volume of readers this site has. As a matter of fact, the month of December 2009 broke every monthly record of visitors since this site’s inception. The amount of collectors on an international level logging onto this site monthly is more than the membership of all the autograph clubs and subscribers to the industry’s magazine combined.

Summary by Month


Daily Avg Monthly Totals
Hits Files Pages Visits Sites KBytes Visits Pages Files Hits
Dec 2009 10147 8390 749 410 6284 9118184 12740 23229 260110 314578
Nov 2009 4651 3781 1852 348 5047 3356078 10468 55575 113454 139544
Oct 2009 3750 2977 1438 325 4424 3119928 10086 44587 92303 116262
Sep 2009 4132 3221 510 245 3626 4358769 7371 15303 96653 123962
Aug 2009 4628 3622 550 273 4167 4995060 8482 17060 112301 143472
Jul 2009 4853 3726 539 279 4320 4974066 8670 16733 115516 150450
Jun 2009 4848 3750 635 288 4337 4639957 8656 19050 112529 145440
May 2009 4392 3397 448 257 4484 4010961 7975 13909 105329 136153
Apr 2009 3060 2388 521 269 3905 2207826 8075 15652 71656 91828
Mar 2009 3708 2955 589 349 6846 2716990 10829 18268 91613 114970
Feb 2009 1994 1609 374 188 3028 1353363 5281 10481 45064 55845







Statistics/Visits From Feb - Dec 2009
Most importantly is that we want to hear from all of our readers. We would be delighted to hear who you think should win these awards.

Please send your email to: autographalert@aol.com along with the two names of your choice for these awards. Don’t forget to add the State or Country where you live.

Thank You!

The Management Team.

Breaking News:
December 29, 2009
U.A.C.C. Members Hit With Lawsuit
Results Starting To Come In!

www.autographalert.com was notified awhile back by California photographer Barry Rosen that he found this website very interesting. He follows with: "….I thought you might be interested to know that I have recently filed a lawsuit against the UACC and quite a number of its Registered Dealers/members. They include:
      • Gallery of History
      • R&R Enterprises/ Bob Eaton
      • Autograph World, LLC/ JD Bardwell/ Bob Jones
      • A.A.C.S. Autographs/ Anthony Roberts
      • PJ’s Collectibles/ Paul Cross
      • Great Lakes Autographs/ Rick & Gayle Herring
      • P&P Autographs/ Jim Puleo
      • Autograph Pros/ Michael Kasmar
      • Ed Bedrick
      • USTAR.net/ Robert and Ester Miller
      • JG Autographs/ Jared Gendron
      • California Hotshots/ Michael Tam
      • Autograph Cards/ Cliff Yow…………"
Rosen adds in a second email: "…..the basis of my lawsuit has to do with the fact that I am a photographer and have photographed numerous celebrities. Quite a number of unauthorized photographic prints of my photos (aka copyright infringements) have been posted on various websites by UACC members/dealers.

The specific reason the UACC is now involved in a lawsuit, is that copyright infringements occurred on the UACC Auctions website. It should be noted that one of the principal infringers on the website was "Autograph World/ Bardwell/Jones."

www.autographalert.com has just been notified by Barry Rosen that the judge has recently entered a judgment against Ed Bedrick (former UACC Regional Director) for four hundred thousand dollars for willful copyright infringement.

Rosen continues with excellent words of wisdom to all of our readers: "My hope is that this will now send a strong message to the entire community of people (UACC, etc.) selling autographed photos that they have an affirmative obligation under the law to make certain that they know that the photos they are offering for sale are in fact authorized and can be verified/documented before they can offer them for sale or post them on the web in any way)…"

Breaking News:
December 25, 2009
Roger Epperson of Signed, Sealed, Delivered
Has He Lost His Mind? You Decide!

The White Hat boys are at it again. You probably will never forget the horrific racist remarks made by Steve Cyrkin of Autograph magazine. His remark turned the international autograph community upside down. Many have found Cyrkin’s remarks very painful and have let him know in more ways than one. Cyrkin’s White Hat gang consists of just a handful of members and another one of his chosen few (of course a full page advertiser) went off the deep end recently.

A serious autograph collector, well aware of Epperson’s incompetence with regard to authenticating rock & roll autographs, notified Epperson of a story on www.autograph alert.com (from December 12, 2009) which the heading of the story is listed below.
----Original Message-----
From: Raiderman
Sent: Dec 12, 2009 9:46 PM
To: rogerssd@ix.netcom.com
Subject: GOOD job ROGER!!!!

Roger Epperson’s (REAL) Mis-Authentication
Continue To Be Offered At R & R Auctions

Epperson responded 12 days later with the email directly below. Epperson also listed in this email a link to a website which made no sense to us therefore we eliminated the link.
From: rogerssd@ix.netcom.com
Date: December 24, 2009 1:06:01 PM EST
To: Raiderman <raiderman_16@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: GOOD job ROGER!!!!
Reply-To: rogerssd@ix.netcom.com

click on this you stupid dumbass! i hope you die a slow painful death in the new year.
Another horrible message from a Cyrkin White Hat Gang member.

Many of us on Christmas Eve are thinking about loving our neighbor, forgiveness and attending a religious service this evening. The above are Epperson's wishes for a fellow member of the autograph community.
Just when we thought we seen it all with the above Raiderman writes Epperson again asking him how he can authenticate as genuine modern record albums signed by musicians who were dead 22 years beore the album was produced.

Of course Epperson refuses to specificaly answer the embarrassing question. The following is Epperson's response, the spelling is also his:
From: rogerssd@ix.netcom.com
Date: December 24, 2009 3:02:48 PM EST
To: "Cori Raiderman" <raiderman_16@yahoo.com>
Subject: Re: GOOD job ROGER!!!!
Reply-To: rogerssd@ix.netcom.com
Slow and painful you idoit
Another stupid acusation
Happy new year dipshit
I prove you and them wrong one time after another
Prostate cancer would be perfect for you
Wow! There really is nothing more powerful than the truth...

Breaking News:
December 24, 2009
Topps Presidential Card a Horrific Disaster
Mutilation of Andrew Jackson Signature Outrageous

With all the educational information available to autograph collectors, dealers and even card companies is appears that much more is needed. Great sources for educational information are autograph organization magazines, old issues of magazines on autograph collecting and websites such as www.autographalert.com.

Staying friendly with a handful of professional autograph dealers is probably the best source of information. The reason for this is that they are up on current autograph affairs.

Brought to our attention was a horrific example of the apparent destruction of a historical autograph in order to produce a trading card.

Also troubling is that nine different bidders placed 17 bids for an signature basically destroyed so it would fit on a trading card. Proof that there are many still in need of an autograph education. We refer to eBay item #230357802406.

Anyone even slightly familiar with the signature of Andrew Jackson knows that he signed his name straight across on one line. See example below.

Typical signature of Andrew Jackson
Illustrated below is a Topps American Heritage Andrew Jackson cut signature. The description of "cut signature" now can take on a new meaning to those in the autograph industry. A cut signature was always one removed from a document or letter, complete in itself as was originally signed.

The signature used for the Topps card was not only cut in half and the last name attached to the bottom of the first name but the end of both names are trimmed so it can be used on the card. See for yourself in the illustration below.

Mutilated & Basically Destroyed Signature of Andrew Jackson
Treating original historical signatures in this manner is malapropos and totally unacceptable. What could be even worse is we are not aware of the original source of this signature. Was this signature removed from a historical document or letter? Could an unethical dealer who supplies Topps with these presidential signatures have cut and trimmed the signature to fit Topps specification to fit on the card?

Interesting is that the final bid for this butchered signature was $609 and that bid didn’t even meet the reserve. Potential collectors with a little more knowledge of the hobby will find they could obtain a near perfect signature of Jackson in the $500 range.

What is evident is the continued need to educate the autograph community. Apparently there are still many out there that have no clue as to how to treat a historical document.

Breaking News:
December 23, 2009
Roger Epperson Wrong Again and Again….

Roger Epperson who claims he can authenticate rock and roll autographs proves once again he does not know what he is talking about.

Epperson sent an email to a collector/autograph dealer on October 14, 2009 at 08:58:49 A.M. Subject: Kiss

We quote directly from the email.

"This Kiss photo on your PAAS site is a forgery. It was done by the son of Glenn Danzig of the bad Danzig. I discovered these forgeries about 2 years ago and the source. This has been common knowledge around dealers of music autographs since then. They are good forgeries and fooled may at first. I just figured since you are so good at what you do you would have figured this out too. I have about 10 examples in my hands I can send you if you like. I don’t mean copies I mean the real thing, on albums and photos. OOOOOOOOooooooppppps

Roger Epperson."
The collector/dealer well aware of Epperson’s incompetence regarding authenticating musical autographs emailed the personal manager or Mr. Glenn Danzig. Portion of the email stated: "he (Epperson) is stating that Glenn Danzig son is selling forged Kiss memorabilia. I was wondering if this is a known fact or if this could just be a made up story on the part of Roger Epperson. Roger Epperson has already published this on his website….."

The personal manager responded with an email dated October 20, 2009, 08:13:05 P.M.
In part: "I am the personal manager representing Mr. Glenn Danzig, he has nothing to do with this matter you are stating below, nor does he even have a son….."


Simply another Epperson folly. Epperson in his email copied John Reznikoff of University Archives and Steve Cyrkin of Autograph magazine. So both of these individuals are aware of Epperson’s lack of knowledge on this subject.

Reznikoff just a few days ago told the collector/dealer "he does not really know Epperson or anything about him." Appears some of Epperson’s long time friends and associates (Epperson & Reznikoff both work for the same autograph authenticating company, they also attended the same autograph shows) are distancing themselves from Roger Epperson of Signed, Sealed and Delivered and REAL.

Roger Epperson sells signed Rock n Roll memorabilia under the name Signed, Sealed and Delivered. He also runs the music autograph authenticating service REAL.

Breaking News:
December 20, 2009
JSA (Follow the Leader) James Spence Autograph Authenticating
Passes Yaz Forgery And Defaces the Baseball

When an individual collector specializes in a specific celebrity, most anyone will agree, that collector knows more about that celebrity’s signature than any one of the self proclaimed autograph authenticating companies.

We received the following email from one of the followers of this site:
Subj: A JSA Joke
Date: 12/19/2009 2:29:50 PM
From: tony.lando@gmail.com
To: autographalert@aol.com

"Love your site. Check this out. (eBay item # 130352377738) One of the worst Yaz forgeries on eBay and it comes with a nice JSA sticker at no extra charge:

I have been studying Yaz signatures for over 30 years and I have never seen him make the loop of the "Y" with the "L" in Carl. His signature has changed over the years, but mostly, it has just gotten more efficient (smaller)…..Since there are no bids on it, I can only conclude that the consumer in this case, is more educated than the authenticator!"
Keep up the great work.

Tony Lando









James Spence affixed his numbered logo sticker to the forged Yaz baseball (above) with a matching generic certificate of authentication (right)

Good thing this is a forgery. Can anyone imagine, still, at this late date that someone is still placing these dumb authenticating stickers to original items. These stickers will eventually leave a mark on these balls which will devalue of the ball but only in the case where these authenticators get there guess right.

Number one rule of thumb in the collecting business: Never affix a foreign matter to an original item of historical importance. This includes historical documents, maps, original collectibles, coins, stamps, autographs, etc. A professional would never deface a historical piece by putting their official business logo on it. It defaces the piece and irrevocably alters its historical significance and value.

Breaking News:
December 17, 2009

Roger Epperson COA's No Longer Accepted by the IADA-CC
Sent: 12/12/2009 05:36:37 P.M. Eastern Standard Time
Subj: Roger Epperson \"COA's" No Longer Accepted by the IADA-CC
After a two month extensive investigation by the IADA-CC Ethics Board and membership of the IADA-CC, we feel that in our opinion and for the safety of the autograph community that Roger Epperson Certificates of Authenticity will no longer be honored by The International Autograph Dealer Alliance and The International Autograph Collectors Club.
Roger Epperson and Signed, Sealed & Delivered have been removed from the IADA-CC dealers directory.
Some of the Certificates of Authenticity are shown below and there will be a follow up story with more information about the allegations and reported fraud by Mr. Epperson and his company Real - Roger Epperson Ltd.
There are many Letters of Authenticity certified and signed by Roger Epperson that have been issued over the past years, that have been falsely authenticated and in many cases never even examined by Roger Epperson !! If you have signed items with a Letter of Authenticity from Roger Epperson, it is highly recommended that you have these items re-examined and authenticated by a qualified authentication company. The IADA-CC will not be recommending any othe autograph authentication companies due to any conflicts of interest.
The IADA- CC once again apologies for negative news, we do realize that we promised that there would be NO negative story's or conflicts on the New IADA-CC website , but we found this story shocking and important to the safety of the autograph collecting Community.
Please Note here are a small sample of the "REAL! "- Roger Epperson Letters of Authenticity:
Written by the IADA-CC Ethics Board.
There will be a major update with more information on this case shortly.
Breaking News:
December 12, 2009
Roger Epperson’s (REAL) Mis-Authentication
Continue To Be Offered At R & R Auctions

RR Auction #346, Lot # 791, June 2009, The Clash, four signatures Pre-certified by Roger Epperson/Real along with the usual rubber stamped COA by RR Auction. RR Auction sold this album for $520.00

An informed collector, apparently who has more knowledge about rock and roll autographs than both Roger Epperson and RR Auction stated: "I have multiple signatures from all the band members in questions and this flat (album) looks to be as fake as the proverbial three dollar bill yet fully authenticated."

The collector sent an email to RR Auction about this forged album and here is their response.

"Thanks so much for your patience as I researched your concern further. The Clash LP, item 791 in our current June 346 (2009) auction came with good provenance and was approved by our authenticators. It was originally sold by Sotheby’s Amazon in the UK. This item was also reviewed and accepted as genuine by noted music autograph specialist Roger Epperson. As such, we stand behind this item with our life time money-back guarantee of authenticity. Best regards, Tricia Eaton."

It took until September for Trish Eaton to write the following, in part:"….I am writing in response to the recent post regarding The Clash album we offered for sale in our June 2009 auction. Thanks to one of our astute and experienced customer’s concerns, we researched the signatures further. After re-evaluating the item, we finally came to the conclusion that the autographs were indeed not authentic….."

The album contained four autographs all authenticated as genuine by Roger Epperson. All four were determined found to be non authentic by a collector.

How can anyone who would like to have the autograph industry believe he is capable of authenticating autographs make four mistakes on one item? This factual story speaks for itself and Epperson’s authenticating abilities. To make matters even worse, Epperson’s recent attempt to get involved authenticating two signed books containing original art failed miserably.

Many feel it is an insult to the autograph community that Epperson continues to be utilized as an authenticator by RR Auction.

It’s becoming quite evident from the evidence above and another story on this website that if you have purchased any rock & roll signed item that comes with an Epperson/Real COA, you may want to have it reexamined by a professional.

Breaking News:
December 9, 2009
Roger Epperson: Does he pass and sell forgeries?
On May 8, 2009, one of our associates contacted Roger Epperson. He wanted to discuss some pieces that he had, and his desire to have Roger Epperson certify them. He did not know Roger Epperson. Roger Epperson did not know him. He did not use any references from others. He just told Roger Epperson that he had heard he "was the man" to go to. No more. No less. They were just two complete strangers conducting business.
He made up a name that coincided with the last name of a friend's bank card. All Roger Epperson really knew about him was that he could charge that bank card for any reports he issued.
During one of their conversations, he told Roger Epperson that he had several items that had certificates from Chris Morales. Epperson told him that he could not comment on Morales' work, as he was going to be a witness for the opposing side in a case involving Morales. Subsequently, in spite of this, he said the Morales was "the whore of the industry. He never fails anything. Just send him a check and he sends you a cert." He also referred to Morales as a "total incompetent" and said that he never bothers to even examine anything with Morales' certificate, he just automatically fails the piece.
Ironically, Roger Epperson then said that he would deny these statements if the conversation was being taped. Although his words seem harsh, a review of other postings on the internet indicate that Roger Epperson has similar things to say about the vast majority of the individuals who do authentication.
Considering the comments that Roger Epperson made, we decided to have one of our associates contact Chris Morales and see if we could get him to authenticate the pieces featured in this story. To see if what Roger Epperson said was true or not, we told Chris Morales that the pieces were part of a large collection. We indicated that the owner had held a major position at a record company, and that all of his items were signed in person. We told him we wanted to send a few pieces at a time, and that there was definitely more to come.
A few days after receiving the pieces mentioned in this story, our associate contacted Chris Morales to see how the pieces were coming along. He informed our associate that he had not issued the certificates yet, but that all of the pieces had failed. Our associate expressed his surprise and reiterated the original provenance. This did not seem to sway Chris Morales.
Our associate asked him to provide detailed reports to support his findings, which he did. We independently confirmed the information he gave us, which became the basis for this story.
After receiving the reports, our associate contacted Chris Morales again, informing him of the statements that Roger Epperson had made concerning him, and told him that Roger Epperson had passed all of the pieces. When given the chance to respond to Roger Epperson's remarks, he declined, stating that he did not believe in engaging in the type of conversation that seems so prevalent in this industry. Instead, he said that he would let his reports and Roger Epperson's reports stand on their own.
The information contained in this story certainly indicates that Roger Epperson should not be the one throwing stones.
Our associate sent a number of items to Epperson, including a Lynyrd Skynyrd One More From the Road album, a Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks album, The New York Dolls' In Too Much Too Soon and New York Dolls album covers, Metallica's Kill 'Em All and Master of Puppets album covers, and Niggaz With Attitude's N.W.A. and the Posse album cover.
During the authentication process, our associate exchanged emails and had several phone conversations with Roger Epperson.
All of the listed albums passed and were certified by Roger Epperson. During the conversations, Roger Epperson told him that "you can sell these at any auction house in the world with my certificates."
Unfortunately for collectors, Roger Epperson's statement about his certificates is accurate. In addition to his own business, Signed Sealed & Delivered, he authenticates the musical memorabilia for both James Spence Authentication (JSA) and PSA/DNA. Phone calls to both companies confirmed this. Additionally, Roger Epperson is a former PSA/DNA staff member and his name appears on a significant number of PSA/DNA certificates. As a result, Roger Epperson's work can be found, among other places, at:
ABC Autographs - Jim Pavlish
lan Gutterman
American Memorabilia
B & E Collectibles
Broadway Rick's Strike Zone
Clean Sweep Auctions EAC Gallery
Fusco Auctions
Geppi's Memorabilia Roadshow Auction
Gotta Have It
Heritage Auctions
Hollywood Collectibles
Huggins & Scott Auctions
Hunt Auctions
Premier Auctions Online
Robert Edward Auctions
R&R Auction
SCP Auctions
Vintage Authentics
The results that our associate and others have gotten when they have employed Roger Epperson's services certainly question why the auction houses and any of the above-listed companies would use Roger Epperson's services. It certainly seems to defy logic.
Each of the albums that were sent to Roger Epperson will be discussed separately.
Lynyrd Skynyrd:
The Lynyrd Skynyrd One More From the Road album was certified as having been signed by Billy Powell, Leon Wilkeson, Gary Rossington, Ed King and Allen Collins.
Interestingly enough, examination of the album cover reveals not one, but two signatures of Artimus Pyle. It gives the impression that someone was practicing Pyle's signature. Why wasn't he mentioned on the certificate? Did Roger Epperson miss the two signatures when he "examined" the album?
Furthermore, when he looked at his exemplars, what did he have that would have indicated Leon Wilkeson actually spelled his name "Wilkenson", as it appears to be on the album, and is printed on Roger Epperson's cert?
Roger Epperson has stated, in writing, that "…what you do when determining if an autograph is authentic or not, you compare them to known exemplars. Usually between 12-25 known exemplars is sufficient sometimes maybe less but never none at all..."
Does this mean that Roger Epperson has 12-15 Lynyrd Skynyrd exemplars with Leon Wilkeson spelled Leon Wilkenson?
Nevertheless, Roger Epperson issued the report. He charged the bank card our associate had given him.                       

The two photos below are of the Sex Pistols' Never Mind the Bollocks Here's the Sex Pistols album cover and the certificate from Roger Epperson. Epperson passed it. Once again, he charged the bank card.
There does not seem to be anything unusual about the album. Its relevance will become more significant shortly.

Next up are the two New York Dolls albums. As the below photos indicate, the last name in Johnny Thunders’ signature on the In Too Much Too Soon album cover is virtually invisible.
Roger Epperson told our associate that he had only seen Johnny Thunders’ signature once before. With that fact, once can only question what exemplar base Roger Epperson used. His own words and logic answer the question. He said that “your Sid Vicious is real, so your Johnny Thunders has to be real.”
Only seen one Johnny Thunders signature? Isn’t this the same Roger Epperson who stated, in writing, that “…what you do when determining if an autograph is authentic or not, you compare them to known exemplars. Usually between 12-25 known exemplars is sufficient sometimes maybe less but never none at all...”
Does this mean that Roger Epperson has 12-15 New York Dolls exemplars, with Johnny Thunders’ signature, that match this signature that is practically invisible?
Now, consider the logic he said he applied. Two distinct individuals. Two distinct bands. Never mind that one of the signatures is not completely visible. If one is real, the other must be. And remember, he said his certificates will be accepted at any auction house in the world.
Both of these albums were purchased from a vendor at a flea market in Baltimore.
Regardless of the aforementioned facts, Roger Epperson issued the report. Yet again, he charged the bank card.

Next up is Metallica. Steve Cyrkin, publisher of Autograph Magazine, has referred to Roger Epperson as one of the world’s two pre-eminent Metallica experts. This is his specialty. He bills himself as a music expert, but he really excels at Metallica.
Ironically, Steve Cyrkin was given an advance copy of this story, and was given the opportunity to run it in Autograph Magazine. Apparently, he did not view it as news. After reading the material, he described Roger Epperson in an email as one of the “legitimate autograph hobby's protectors”.
Are we supposed to believe that, if Steve Cyrkin had information like this about anyone who was not one of his cronies or an advertiser in Autograph Magazine, the story would not end up in his publication? Sadly, the reality is he has run much more defamatory pieces, with far less evidence, on others. Apparently, the protection that is going on is not of collectors, but of Steve Cyrkin’s cronies and advertisers.
According to Autograph Magazine, “Autograph magazine also screens dealers and auctions it allows to advertise and seriously responds to complaints by collectors.” This statement sounds great, but Steve Cyrkin’s actions indicate this does not apply when the complaint is against a member of “his team”.
Steve Cyrkin has had no problem finding space to run glowing stories on what he considers Roger Epperson's expertise. He has even found space for "Top 10 Rockin' Buys by Roger Epperson" (Aril 2008). This seems to be the only stroy about Roger Epperson Steve Cyrkin has not been able to find any room for in Autograph Magazine.


The three photos above are of the first of the two Metallica albums that Roger Epperson certified for our associate, the Kill 'Em All album cover. The album bears the signatures of Cliff Burton and Lars Ulrich.
Once again, one has to ask what exemplars Roger Epperson used to certify this album. Why? Because this album is a re-release. The photo below is a detailed shot of the back of the album. It was released in 2008.
Isn't this the same Roger Epperson who has stated, in writing, that "…what you do when determining if an autograph is authentic or not, you compare them to known exemplars. Usually between 12-25 known exemplars is sufficient sometimes maybe less but never none at all..."
Does this mean that Roger Epperson has 12-15 Metallica exemplars with Cliff Burton signatures that match this piece?
How can that be?
Cliff Burton died on September 27, 1986.
How can a dead man sign an album released after his death? Doesn't Roger Epperson know that albums are released and re-released at various times? Doesn't he check that?
How could Roger Epperson not have checked the release date to know the album was released 22 years after Cliff Burton died?
Isn't he the Metallica expert?

This album was purchased from the same vendor at the same flea market in Baltimore.
Once again, Roger Epperson issued the report. He charged the bank card.
Next Mettalica Album:
World-leading Metallica expert Roger Epperson also passed this Metallic album, Master of Puppets album, as being signed by Cliff Burton.
Yet again, one has to ask what exemplars Roger Epperson used to certify this album. Why? Because this album, like the other Metallica album, is a re-release. The photo below is a detailed shot of the back of the album. It was re-released in 2008.
Isn't this the same Roger Epperson who has stated, in writing, that "…what you do when determining if an autograph is authentic or not, you compare them to known exemplars. Usually between 12-25 known exemplars is sufficient sometimes maybe less but never none at all..."
Does this mean that Roger Epperson has 12-15 Metallica exemplars with Cliff Burton signatures that match this piece?
How can that be?
Cliff Burton died on September 27, 1986.
Once again, how can a dead man sign an album? Haven't we heard this question before?
How could Roger Epperson not have checked the release date to know the album was released 22 years after Cliff Burton died?
Isn't he the Metallica expert?
Yet again, Roger Epperson issued the report. Once again, he charged the bank card our associate had given him.
There seems to be a pattern developing here. Roger Epperson certifies albums with practically invisible signatures. Roger Epperson certifies albums signed by dead men. He charges bank cards for his services.
Even worse, he offered to buy all of these albums, to sell at his Signed, Sealed & Delivered website.
Only one of the albums can be described as anything other than questionable. Most of them are undeniably forgeries.

How could this be?

Wait, there's more.
Next N.W.A. Signed Album:
These last two images are of Niggaz With Attitude's hip hop N.W.A. and the Posse album cover, featuring the signatures of Eazy-E, Dr. Dre and Ice Cube.
This album was bought from the same vendor at the same flea market in Baltimore as the practically invisible New York Dolls signatures and Metallica albums.
Roger Epperson confided in our associate that he just did not know about the NWA album, as he did not have any exemplars. He asked our associate where he got it. Our associate lied. He told Roger Epperson that he had gotten it signed in person. After hearing this, Roger Epperson said he "would take care of it if you had it signed in person."
Roger Epperson issued the report. He charged the bank card.
Isn't this the same Roger Epperson who has stated, in writing, that "…what you do when determining if an autograph is authentic or not, you compare them to known exemplars. Usually between 12-25 known exemplars is sufficient sometimes maybe less but never none at all..."
Isn't this the same Roger Epperson who referred to another individual as a whore who would certify anything for a paycheck?
Didn't Roger Epperson just do just that very thing when he issued a certificate based upon a made-up story from a complete stranger with a bank card? What was he basing his "examination" on? The bank card's availability? The bank card's expiration date?
On one of his own websites, Roger Epperson states that his "fees are from $75 to $150 for a written letter of authentication. Item must be sent to me with insured return postage included. I will study the item and give a written and signed letter of my determination."
What is he studying if he has passed albums signed by dead men, after their deaths? What is he studying if he passes albums with signatures that are virtually invisible? What is he studying if he passes an album that he acknowledged having no exemplars for comparison? What is he studying if he passes albums with names misspelled? What is he studying if he passes albums based on the made-up stories of a complete stranger using an alias?
Is he studying the expiration date of the bank card?
Business Practices Questioned:
One possible answer for some of these questions is Roger Epperson's established business practices. Another business associate of ours visited Roger Epperson in Texas at his place of business. This individual brought more than one dozen pieces with him for Roger Epperson's review. The associate indicated that Roger Epperson flipped through the entire collection in less than one minute. He flipped through them like one would "shuffle a deck of cards." No exemplars. No equipment. He failed all but one piece. Roger Epperson said the Mamas and the Papas piece was real. Once again, without any equipment. Without any exemplars. Mere seconds per piece.
Once again, isn't this the same Roger Epperson who has stated, in writing, that "…what you do when determining if an autograph is authentic or not, you compare them to known exemplars. Usually between 12-25 known exemplars is sufficient sometimes maybe less but never none at all..."
If nothing else, Roger Epperson should have checked the release date of the Mamas and Papas album. He did not. This poses a problem, since Cass Elliot died on July 29, 1974. A lot of Mamas and the Papas albums were re-released after Cass Elliot's death.
We do not know if the album was an original or a re-release. That's not the point. The point was that Roger Epperson did not check, nor did he use any exemplars or equipment for comparison.
He flipped through the pile and then, by memory, said that the Mamas and the Papas signatures were real. How often does he see the Mamas and the Papas to be so sure in seconds? What tipped the scale? Denny Doherty's signature? Michelle Phillips' signature? Cass Elliot's signature? John Phillips' signature?
Was his decision based more upon the fact that there is not a lot of demand for Mamas and the Papas memorabilia, so he figured it was not really worth forging?
Since Roger Epperson did not use any exemplars or comparison equipment and did not check the album release date, we can only figure it was something along the line of the last possibility.
Epperson's Website & Conculsions:
All of these problems merited a review of Roger Epperson's, Signed, Sealed & Delivered website. Apparently, there are some problems there, too.
Roger Epperson is selling an Allman Brothers piece, an "Absolutely rare signed Promo test press for the Allman Brothers first LP signed on the cover by Gregg and Duane Allman, Butch Trucks, Berry Oakly adding "Allman Brothers Band", Jamoe Johnson and Dickey Betts." He is selling it for $3,700.00.
The first close-up is of Jai Johanny Johanson, born John Lee Johnson. He often goes by the nickname "Jaimoe". Even a cursory review of the signature reveals that there are letters that just should not be there. The signature on the "rare" Allman Brothers piece appears to be that of "Jaimoe J.J. Johnshon." There is clearly an extra "h" thrown in there at the end.
Also, Roger Epperson's written description lists Jai Johanny "Jaimoe" Johanson as "Jamoe Johnson". The written signature appears to be something else, all together.
It would be interesting to see Roger Epperson's "12-25 known exemplars" that match the "Jaimoe J.J. Johnshon" signature.
In a similar fashion, Dickey Betts has apparently signed his name as "Dickie" on this "rare" Allman Brothers piece. The write-up lists the name in the right way, "Dickey," but the signature is clearly "Dickie".
Where are Roger Epperson's "12-25 known exemplars" that Roger Epperson used to identify Dickey as Dickie?
Unfortunately, there is more. Berry Oakley seems to have signed his name "Oakly". This matches the write-up n the item, but not the actual name, Oakley.
Once again, where are the "12-25 known exemplars" that Roger Epperson used to identify Oakley as Oakly?
Isn't Roger Epperson the same guy who authenticated the previously mentioned Lynyrd Skynyrd's One More From the Road album cover with Leon Wilkeson spelled Wilkenson?
Also being sold at Roger Epperson's Signed, Sealed & Delivered website is the below an Atlanta Pop Festival piece. The asking price is $1,400.00.
Once again, Dickey Betts has apparently changed the spelling of his own name to "Dickie" for this piece.
One has to pause to wonder why the Allman Brothers seemingly forgot how to spell their own names on pieces certified by Roger Epperson. One has to further pause to wonder why the Allman Brothers seemingly forgot how to spell their own names on pieces being sold by Roger Epperson.
Roger Epperson certified them? Roger Epperson is selling them? Isn't there some conflict here?
Does Roger Epperson both certify and sell these pieces because someone else may get hung up on the misspellings?
Should we assume the rest of the signatures are real on both pieces from Roger Epperson's Signed, Sealed & Delivered website?
Do recording artists really misspell their own names? Do they do it anywhere other than on pieces certified by Roger Epperson and sold by Roger Epperson?
Could we really sell these pieces at any auction house in the world because they are accompanied by Roger Epperson's certificates?
Unfortunately, that may be the case. How many competitors' pieces have been turned down because of Roger Epperson's findings? How many good pieces have been turned down because of his findings? How many forgeries have been sold because of his findings?
Since Roger Epperson buys his own pieces, certifies his own pieces, sells his own pieces, and decides what gets into auctions, how many pieces like the invisible signatures, the dead men albums and the misspelled pieces have been sold to the public?
How can his competitors get a fair shake? How many has he hurt?
How many collectors have been ripped off because of his findings? How many collectors have no outlet to the auction houses because they have no ties to Roger Epperson?
Why do the auction houses tolerate this? Shouldn't they be held accountable for their reliance on individuals such as Roger Epperson and his authentication services??