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Chapter X: Preserving Your Collection

You have purchased an autograph because you enjoy owning it and of course you will want to look at it from time to time. Do Not Under Any Circumstance have anyone attach a label, sticker or claim to affix to it some invisible secret ink or substance to your autograph. Don’t even consider it if they want to apply it to the other side of your item. We don’t really know what affects these additions will have on your item in the years to come. Untested inks, glue from a sticker could easily stain or eat through the paper in a dozen years or more.

Autographs are best to be kept in an album with each autograph inserted in a acid free type sheet. Storing your album in a clean, dark, damp free place will help keep your items preserved for many years. Some collectors prefer to have their items framed. Acid free matting should ONLY be used and be extremely careful where you hang the frame. Choose the place you want to hang the frame on your day off. Inspect that wall at different times of the day. You may find the wall gets no sun in the morning yet in the afternoon it is in direct sunlight. Sunlight can start fading your treasured signature within a week. Make sure you hang your autographs on a wall that is dark all day long. Also be aware of the lighting in the area of you frame. Don’t hang it too close to overhead direct lighting.

Chapter XI: Autograph Terminology (Continued)