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Chapter IV: Autograph Organizations.

Joining an autograph organization can be useful for a collector, especially a beginner. We have found many seasoned collectors have long given up on some clubs. Very often I am told by a collector that there needs to be a new club formed as they dropped out of the one they have been a member for several years because of all the problems they encountered with the members of the board and the club itself. You may read some articles from club officers stating how there is a continuing need to build membership. There are many major reasons why they need to build membership in an industry that has grow so large. There are also very valid reasons why so many members have not renewed their membership!

If you are serious about collecting historical high end autographs you may want to consider joining the Manuscript Society. Membership is $60 per year. You can purchase safely from most of their advertisers. Their website is www.manuscript.org. It’s still recommended to do your homework and check any dealer with others.

In my opinion, the best organization to join whether you are a beginner collector or seasoned dealer is the International Autograph Collectors Club, AdA1986. This club was founded in 1986 and is based in Germany. This club is totally free of internal politics and infighting. It is focused on educating the collector and dealer. The club offers a forum to exchange ideas, internationally. They are constantly printing articles on autograph collecting, reviewing all autograph related reference books and will publish just about anything else that can help the collector. If possible, I highly recommend you attend their yearly meeting, it is an autograph treat. The club magazine, which is issued four times a year is a collectors item! Membership in this fine organization is as little as $15 a year and you can join by logging onto their website at www.autograph-club.org. Associated with this club is the best autograph educational website which is used by nearly every professional dealer in the world. Should you have a signature that you question or would like to know more about a specific signature log onto www.isitreal.com. Listed are all the signatures that have been identified to be signed by the Autopen (signature signing machine), secretarial, rubber stamped and preprinted signatures. This site contains a wealth of information, which is updated nearly daily.

Chapter V: COA's, Certificates of Authenticity (Continued)