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Chapter VI: Correcting the problems with COA’s and 3rd Party Autograph Authenticating Companies

This could be a very easy problem to correct if everyone who has the best interests of the autograph hobby gets on the same page. If you don’t use and support them, they will go away! Most of these authenticating companies are a cancer spreading out of control though out the autograph hobby. This growth can easily be removed if collectors boycott the business of those who support these authenticating companies. Educated collectors need to have their voices heard. If there is a show in your area and the show promoter is renting a booth to a 3rd party authenticating company, let the show promoter know this is the reason why you will not be attending the show. In almost all cases the show promoter is well aware that the authenticating company is mis diagnosing autographs and allowing forged, secretarial, rubber stamped, machine signed and preprinted signatures passed as genuine to enter the hobby. The show promoter does not have the best interests of the hobby in mind. It is all about greed and renting another booth.

If a card shop or autograph gallery is using a 3rd party authenticating company you can bet they are also aware of the dangers addressed above. Let that shop owner know that you will not be purchasing anything from their store unless they stop using the authenticating company as a scape goat and start guaranteeing everything they sell on their bill of sale.

Some sellers of autographs have allowed their names to be used by third party authenticators. These sellers are well aware the authenticating companies are incompetent. Some sellers have told us they allow to have their name used because they are getting exposure and publicity. Another has told us they joined an authenticating company to help make it run better. To me that’s like the reason you joined the KKK it to improve the way it is run. These people also need to be boycotted. Don’t purchase from their individual web sites, catalogs or magazine advertisements. Once again, in my opinion, their reason for teaming up with these companies is based on greed.

There are a handful of magazines who still take ads from 3rd party authenticators. Each and every editor of the magazine is well aware of how much damage these third party authenticators have done to this hobby. So it only appears that they are taking the ad based on greed and not what’s best for the hobby. You wouldn’t see them taking an ad from a known forger, yet they have no problem taking an ad from a company who is saturating the hobby with COA’s that guarantee fake items are genuine and genuine items are not. Personally I am in the process of cancelling my subscriptions and advertisement with all magazines that take an ad from a third party authenticating company. If all of you follow this policy we will get this hobby back to some sanity.

Chapter VII: Purchasing at Auction (Contiuned)