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Chapter VIII: Purchasing on eBay

Unless you have years of experience or actually are familiar with the seller, my advise is eBay is not for you.

This place is a mine field of forgeries, copies and items being auctioned that the seller doesn’t own. At one time one of my own items I listed on eBay did not sell. A week later my item with the exact description and illustration was listed on a sellers site in England. This seller scanned my eBay site and put it up as his own. My asking price for the item was a minimum bid of $2,000. The English seller listed the item with a low minimum to attract bidders. He got several bids with the winning bidder paying seven hundred dollars. This collector thought they got a real bargain. When the buyer sent his check for the item, the check was cashed and the English eBay seller disappeared. This is only one of many horror stories associated with bidding on eBay.

Chapter IX: Autograph Values (Continued)