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Breaking News:
October 31, 2011
Herman Darvick Shunned
by the Legitimate Autograph Hobby
It sure seems the legitimate autograph hobby continues to shun Herman "the admitted forger" Darvick. Darvick's world came crashing down when he, as the former president of the Universal Autograph Collectors Club, was banned from the club because of serious ethics violations.

The ethics violations was filed against him by a female club member.

The UACC's statement read: "Mr. Darvick was expelled from the UACC for failure to pay a member monies owed from a sale at his auction and failing to return unsold items to the same member."

Also during that time, Darvick would start forging some of the signatures of presidents of the United States. He even forged the signatures openly at shows. Darvick was proud of his work and gave the forgeries away as souvenirs. We still have three original Darvick forgeries. Two that were produced in front of one of this sites creators and one of the forgeries was obtained from another dealer who got it in person.

Forging in public clearly indicates Darvick is not the sharpest pencil in the case. What makes him even more ignorant is many years ago, at one of the UACC shows, Darvick was forging the signature of Ronald Reagan. He was so proud of his work. He would write out the signature, smile, and look up at you for approval. You should have seen his face when he was told by a dealer exhibiting at the show that his imitation/forgery was not of Ronald Reagan's signature but of how Reagan's mother, Nelle signed Ronald Reagan's signature. Nelle for quite some time would respond to her sons mail. The dealer had to walk Darvick through the process of explaining to him the difference of how Ronald Reagan signed his name verses how his mother signed his name. Now educated, Darvick takes his new found knowledge and writes a very brief story for a club journal stating that Nelle signed for Ronald Reagan.

Not long ago Darvick's longtime practice of forging went public. The embarrassed Darvick, in writing, foolishly denied ever forging a presidential autograph. After some of his forgeries were published, Darvick placed the following message on a blog: "…he's called me, among other things, a liar, a thief and a forger without any evidence whatsoever to back it up. He creates the incidents that never happened…"

With all the hurt that Darvick has done to this hobby, didn't the UACC basically call him a thief, over 25 years ago, by saying he failed to return unsold items? It is clear that Herman "the admitted forger" knowingly lies when he blogs that there's no evidence?

Darvick has stated he never forged a presidential autograph. Yet when three of his forgeries were published, a Gerald R. Ford, Richard Nixon and Jimmy Carter, the embarrassed and disgraced Darvick, caught in another outright lie was stupid enough to change his story and now he writes: "…yes, I would show collectors at UACC shows how certain signatures looked such as Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan and I possibly did so in front of Stephen Koschal…."

Unbelievable!!!! Darvick cornered like a rat, now admits to forging several more presidents then what we were aware of. Now he also admits to doing so in front of Stephen Koschal when earlier he claimed that "he's called me, among other things, a liar, a thief and a forger without any evidence whatsoever to back it up. He (Stephen Koschal) creates incidents that never happened…" Herman Darvick now proves in his own words that everything Koschal has stated about Darvick is true!

Can you believe Darvick is dumb enough to admit he just wanted to show collectors how certain signatures looked? Darvick had to practice those presidential signatures for quite some time, in his mind to get them to look right. Right enough that they looked very close to what an original signature of Truman, Eisenhower, Kennedy, Johnson, Nixon, Ford, Carter and Reagan should look. If his real intent to show anyone what these presidential signatures look like, Darvick could have saved himself weeks of practicing these signatures by simply carrying around any one of the reference books that illustrates genuine examples of these presidents.

Many of you have read on this site stories of how Darvick has harmed collectors by selling bad material. Herman "the admitted forger" Darvick has basically single handedly destroyed the meaning of "Guaranteed Genuine" for the entire hobby. Why? Because Herman Darvick will not refund money for the secretarial and forged items that he has sold. He will tell you that he is no longer an autograph dealer and not in business anymore. We'll that's another Darvick lie as he is selling he wares for quite some time on eBay.

Darvick has become a very bitter person over the years. It appears the whole legitimate hobby has turned on him. To avoid giving refunds to all those who have purchased bad items from him, Darvick continues to say he is no longer a dealer. Attempting to keep his fingers in the hobby, Darvick has worked as a cataloger for a Las Vegas dealer and he is currently working for John Reznikoff of University Archives. Darvick is listing items owned by John Reznikoff on eBay. Herman "the admitted forger" Darvick is also listed as an authenticator for James Spence Authentication (JSA).

Reznikoff made a very embarrassing appearance on Pawn Stars recently. He blew it big time looking at a script for The Godfather and authenticating a handwritten inscription and signature of Al Ruddy as a genuine signature of Al Pacino. With all the advance time before taping the show, Reznikoff had no clue to what he was talking about. How little in touch was Reznikoff with the signature of Al Pacino? Even in the last issue of the hobby's only magazine, Autograph Quarterly, June 2011 issue, there was a three page study regarding Al Pacino and his autograph.

Believe it or not, Reznikoff is one of the authenticators for PSADNA, JSA and RR Auction.

Reznikoff, referring to a collection he sold recently, left a message on some blog. In part Reznikoff writes: "…most important is that just because these items originated with me, no implication as to the correctness of the signatures (I couldn't tell Barbara Eden from Anthony Eden) was ever implied or otherwise stated…"

Reznikoff has said to several in this hobby that he never sold an Elvis Presley forgery. If that were true why has he made a refund on a very high end Presley autograph? He will probably tell you that someone else sold it or a partner sold it. Reznikoff continues this practice today. Herman Darvick is selling Reznikoff's items on eBay. We are told recently two Reznikoff items were removed by eBay for not being authentic. Both items were said to be signed by Charlton Heston. For reasons of not being repetitive, we will just focus on one of the items. The eBay item number was 350481418176 which ended August 03, 2011. It was a typed letter signed on his stationery and included the original envelope postmarked August 24, 1993. The item was "Offered for sale on behalf of University Archives." It comes with a Money-Back Guarantee of Authenticity with a Darvick Certificate of Authenticity personally signed in ink by Herman Darvick.

Basically if these letters were not pulled from eBay and sold, Reznikoff could say "I never sold a Charlton Heston fake." He can tell you Darvick sold it.

The two John Reznikoff, University Archives Charlton Heston items were removed from eBay. The rule is, three bad items removed and the seller is removed from eBay.

Herman "the admitted forger" Darvick seems to thrive on finding or creating faults about legitimate sellers of autographs. He recently left a message on a blog about the largest seller/auctioneer of autographs in this hobby. This seller holds an autograph auction every single week. This week his staff has listed over one thousand two hundred items. Last week the auction house listed an item which was clearly illustrated with a genuine signature. However, the person on staff who lists the items either made a typo in the description or there was a cut and paste error. The item sold because the bidder saw from the illustration the signatures were genuine.

However Darvick, the knucklehead, had to make an issue on some blog over the typo. The professional dealer/auctioneer made an offer because of the typo and the item, totally genuine in all respects, will be sent to the winning bidder free of charge.

Darvick was an active bidder with this auction house. He would purchase items with a winning bid of eight dollars. Not long ago he even spent several hundred dollars with this same auction house. But Darvick's horrific reputation has caught up with him. The auction house who tries to avoid dealing with anyone who even appears to be morally bankrupt cancelled Darvick's bidder status. Darvick can no longer bid in the weekly auction of this major seller. Darvick has become even more of a bitter person.

Even an author of an autograph reference book refused to sell a copy to Herman Darvick.
Darvick sent his check for $13.00 for the book back in October 2008. Darvick is well known to forge presidential autographs and this book would not be sent to help educate him on the subject.
Darvick Check
Darvick's check for autograph reference book. Not cashed.

Darvick Note
Darvick note requesting reference book
When chaos and incompetence collide, when a thief and liar collide and when a person expelled from an autograph organization and admitted forger collide, you have Herman Darvick! These are his qualifications to find a job in this hobby.

For anyone who has been "Darvicted" they can contact Herman "the admitted forger" Darvick through James Spence Authentication (JSA) in New Jersey or University Archives in Connecticut.

Breaking News:
October 25, 2011
James Dean
Help Us Find This Photograph

jamesdeanwww.autographalert.com is actively trying to locate the photograph illustrated below.

It is 8”x10” and is inscribed and signed as follows: “To Cindy, with my best wishes James Dean.”

Awhile back, John Reznikoff of University Archives faxed a copy of this photograph to Stephen Koschal along with a letter basically asking if the inscription and signature was genuine. He was told the inscription/signature was a forgery.

He was also advised by another dealer that not only was this a forgery but he was told who the forger actually was.

The last known movement of this photograph was John Reznikoff offering this photograph to a high profile west coast autograph dealer.

If you know where this photo is, please contact: www.autographalert.com





Breaking News:
October 17, 2011
Major Forgery on Ebay,
Originally sold by John Reznikoff
“Big Money is Being Made Selling Forgeries”

Shortly after his highly embarrassing stint on Pawn Stars, authenticating a Godfather script actually signed by Al Ruddy and telling millions of viewers that it was inscribed and signed by Al Pacino, John Reznikoff is back in the news.

This is the same John Reznikoff of University Archives based in Westport, Connecticut who was involved in the sale of the seven to eight million dollars of John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe forgeries that made the news in many of the popular magazines and newspapers across the country.

One of the results of this fiasco was Reznikoff resigned from a major autograph organization that he was a co-founder. Later Reznikoff tried to resign from another autograph organization (International Autograph Collectors Club and Dealers Alliance) after serious ethics charges was filed against him. His membership in that club was permanently terminated by the ethics board. Ethics charges were also filed with the Antiquarian Booksellers Association of America. This club charges $625 a year for membership fees and has hundreds of members. Their response to the complaint by stated they didn’t have the resources to follow up on the complaint. We must keep in mind that the head of the ethics committee is a neighbor of John Reznikoff.

Moving along, it has been just brought to our attention by a dealer who is an expert on presidential autographs that a book is being offered on eBay by a bookseller in Las Vegas. The title of the book is “New Methods of Learning to Read Write and Speak Spanish”. The description states the book is signed by James A. Garfield. It is listed on eBay as item number 230686448568. You can “Buy It Now” for $7,500.00

After examining the illustration of the signature “James A. Garfield, MC” (Member of Congress) our experts here at www.autographalert.com completely agree with the expert who tipped us off to this sale. It is not only a forgery but a very poor one at that!

www.autographalert.com would love to hear from anyone with autograph credentials that is willing to say this signature of James A. Garfield even has the slightest chance of being genuine. See illustration below.


james garfield
Signature, James A. Garfield, from book

The description also states the signature is signed in pencil. Anyone with the slightest knowledge on autograph collecting already knows that many forgers use a pencil to do their slimy work.

The seller on eBay was contacted by an autograph expert, not associated with www.autographalert.com and was told the signature of Garfield was not genuine. The seller responded in part: “it (the book with a signature James A. Garfield) was acquired from John Reznikoff of the University Archives…..even if the signature doesn’t exactly match, it most likely was signed by Garfield much earlier than his Presidency, and signatures changeover time as the signer ages…”

The eBay seller also stated that Reznikoff sold the book to a well known bookseller in Pennsylvania and they bought the book from the bookseller. Somewhat troubling is this same seller stated the Pennsylvania dealer has three other books from the same collection.

The eBay seller also had a book they believed was inscribed and signed by John F. Kennedy. This book according to the seller had excellent provenance. The seller was told by more than one that the book contained a secretarial inscription/signature and they did take that one down.

John Reznikoff has a very long history of mis-authenticating signatures in many fields and especially the presidents of the United States but seems incredible that even Reznikoff can blow this one.

That brings us to the next question. It is well known Herman “the forger” Darvick works for John Reznikoff. Darvick recently was cornered when some of his forgeries of the US presidents was exposed. First he adamantly denied it, then later admitted in writing to forging signatures of many of the presidents of the United States,

Could Herman Darvick have forged this Garfield signature?

Big money is being made selling forgeries!

Many of the sales of forgeries go unnoticed as slimy sellers of autographs sell forged items privately and these apocryphal items will sit in a private collection for years to come.

To get to the bottom of this major forgery now being offered on eBay for $7,500 that was once sold by John Reznikoff it is imperative that the International Autograph community know the provenance of this book.

We openly ask John Reznikoff of University Archives to provide documentation as to where he obtained this specific book. John Reznikoff needs to prove to this hobby that this book contained the signature of James A. Garfield when he purchased the book.

We are well aware that John Reznikoff reads this site daily, we and autograph collectors everywhere expect to hear from him on a timely basis!

We will keep our readers posted as to John Reznikoff’s response.

Breaking News:
October 11, 2011
James Spence Still Can’t Tell
A Printed Signature from Real Ink!

What is more embarrassing than a person running around trying to act as an autograph authenticator and they can’t tell a real ink signature from a printed signature?

This is not the first time James Spence and his group finds their way into hot water. With all the mistakes James Spence Authentication has made in the past, it’s a wonder why there is still a single collector who would spend money on his COA’s. Are they not aware that over 300 professional dealers will not accept a JSA COA for a refund?

Two autograph organizations have warned their members about these type authenticating services and their worthless COA's are not recognized by the club.

When using these type of autograph authentication companies aren’t the potential customers bright enough to ask the company who is your expert and what their qualifications? Do you even have an expert?

How about a basic question….just tell me which authenticator on your staff took just one of the many autograph courses that were taught around the United States? Name just ONE!

Not a single high profile authenticating company can tell you one of their experts on staff took one of the 14 courses that were available.

Result is the following:

EBay, item #350475736609, Andre the Giant, Autograph Photo JSA, selling price $2,499.99. (right and below)

Yes, you read the price right for what James Spence and company says is a genuine signed photograph of Andre the Giant.

Problem is, this is a magazine photo with a printed signature. Spence and company can’t tell real ink from a printed signature. Spence and company blew the basics in autograph authenticating!

Now we have a seller on eBay named Cards & Games in Painesville, Ohio selling this worthless item along with a worthless JSA COA and having the gall to add in his description “Sold As Is, NO Returns”.

James Spence Authentication once again has placed another fake item into this system stating it is genuine.

Collectors are leaving the hobby over these type mistakes. They don’t know who to trust.

Seems like everyone wants to know how these type authenticators are allowed to exist.


The icing on this crumbling cake is that James Spence is an accepted autograph authenticator for eBay. How embarrassed is eBay when this item had to be taken down from their auction? A fake item authenticated as genuine by one of their so-called experts had to be taken down because it was mis-authenticated.

Once again, we ask, WHERE’S LAW ENFORCEMENT?

These fellows going around posing as autograph authenticators need to be licensed or put out of business.
If they make ONLY 10,000 mistakes a year they loose their license to practice as an autograph authenticator!

Breaking News:
September 29, 2011
On Autograph Collecting
James A. Garfield Signature Study
The Hobby's Newest Reference Book

The autograph hobby's long awaited reference book is expected to be available on November 15, 2011.

James A. Garfield, A Signature Study With A Focus On His Presidential Signatures has been in the works for quite some time.

Stephen Koschal, Internationally recognized expert on the signatures of the presidents of the United States is the author. Koschal is also the author of several other reference books on the president’s autographs dating back to 1982.

Although this reference book focuses on the signature of Garfield as president there is plenty of information about Garfield and the items he signed before his presidency. The book is heavily illustrated and there are sections about his different signatures during the 1850‘s, 1860’s, 1870’s and for the year 1880.

The book does focus on his signature as president of the United States. It discusses what has been available during the four months of his presidency. Most interesting is the author corrects many mis-leading statements found in other publications about Garfield's signature. Learn the truth about Garfield’s signature as president.

Following the information on Garfield’s items signed as president are sections on Garfield signed checks, free-franks and signed photographs.

Most interesting, the author shares his knowledge regarding his discovery of fairly common Garfield items that have been sold as genuine in the past that are not hand signed by Garfield. For years, many of these items were authenticated by a high profile authenticating company and sold by dealers and auction houses.

The First Edition will be limited to only fifty numbered copies, hand signed by the author. Cost of this study will be $15 plus $3.00 shipping within the United States.

Reservations are now being taken for this valuable study that will sure to save you money should you purchase something signed by President James A. Garfield.

Breaking News:
September 24, 2011
Have You Been “Darvicted”
by Herman Darvick?

One of our readers who has been totally screwed by Herman Darvick came up with the clever word “Darvicted.”

We can almost guarantee you that this new word will be seen and used many times in the future by those collectors, dealers, auction bidders and autograph club members who have been ripped off by Herman Darvick during the last 40 years.

“Darvicted” applies to:

Those who Darvick refuses to issue a refund.

Those who were not able to contact Darvick. After 20 years, to avoid those he harmed, he cancelled his long-time Post Office Box 467, Rockville Centre, NY.

Those who repeatedly attempted to call Darvick on the phone to complain. He would not answer the phone. He had caller ID.

Those who were the winning bidders for what turned out to be non -uthentic and sometimes forged autographs he sold in his auctions.

Those who successfully consigned items to Darvick and your unsold items were not returned.

Those who were not paid for items he actually sold at his auctions.

Those who received his worthless, while in hiding, “Certificate of Authenticity.”

Those who he actually stole your items and he waited several years and started to sell them.

Those who may have purchased presidential autographs that Darvick forged.

Those of you who have been harmed by Darvick and he claims he never heard from you.

Those of you who have been attacked on various web sites by Darvick and his words were 100% fabrications.

If one or a combination of the above applies to you, then you have been “Darvicted.”

Breaking News:
September 20, 2011
Autograph Quarterly
“The Premier Magazine For Autograph Collectors”
Vol.1, Issue 3, September 2011
Now Available

The third issue of Autograph Quarterly has arrived and according to emails received, if you can believe it, it just keeps getting better.

One collector has written: “….as far as content, in my opinion it is getting better and better. I absolutely love this magazine as it covers everything and is there to help educate us. There is always a nice mix of writers who want to share there knowledge of their favorite subject. If I had a store I would be putting some sort of advertisement even if it were just advertising their website and you could do that for as cheap as $200. I read everything in this magazine and when I see a website I will visit it at least once to see what they have to offer….”

A dealer writes: “…I have had several orders from my ad in Issue #2. They were from collectors that were already on my mailing list but to my surprise I received three additional orders for high end material from three collectors that I was not aware of. Autograph Quarterly obviously has many on their mailing list that are not members of any organization and I was pleased to hear from them and appreciate this new business…..”

Issue #3 is a remarkable issue. It takes quite awhile to read. It’s a collector’s dream and has what everyone has ever asked for and that is more articles, less ads. In the past, few looked forward to magazines especially from clubs where there was 75% ads and 25% content (with some of the content questionable). There was nothing much to look forward to when getting your next issue.

Autograph Quarterly changes all that. Inside this issue are articles on Mae West, an in depth article on Babe Ruth and his signature, Explorers, a 15 page story on Ian Fleming and James Bond, a story on wrestling autographs, another on the Exorcist, and a fabulous article on a Civil War Confederate celebrity.

This magazine with so much content would almost appear to be a double issue elsewhere. It continues with a well written article about Vietnam and its leaders, another article about Hitler’s double, a great story about Princess Diana, and nine pages about a real life murder with an all-star cast.

Not surprisingly Autograph Quarterly has attracted some of the most knowledgeable experts and writers in the hobby. Jeff Benzinger, Ron Keurajian, William J. Noel, along with Richard E. Altman, Jake Aurelian, Anthony Record, Brian Green, Dr. Zoltan Marian, Stephen Koschal, Dorina Marian, and Victoria Gregory, can all take a bow for turning this issue into a collector’s item.

Special thanks go to Dr. Zoltan Marian and Dorina Marian, both of whom reside across "the pond" in Hungary, for their fine articles and for supporting this new venture.

Autograph Quarterly is the only in-print magazine for the hobby of autographs. We have seen a preview of some of the stories scheduled for the December issue. It’s near impossible to believe this magazine could get better and more interesting. The December issue will disappoint no one!

Advertising is still only $200 for a quarter page, $300 for a half page and only $500 for a full page. Email victoriagregory@autographquarterly.com to reserve your ad space.

To subscribe to the magazine you can do this online at www.autographquarterly.com


Breaking News:
September 16, 2011
Autograph Hell, The Truth About Collecting
New Autograph Reference Book Not To Be Missed

The name of the book everyone collecting or dealing in autographs should read is: Autograph Hell, The Truth About Collecting.

Author Charles G. Irion pulls no punches and says it like it is better than anyone else has in a while. For years www.autographalert.com has been trying to educate those who dare get their fingers wet in the hobby of collecting autographs. Much has changed in this hobby since many scoundrels entered it in the late 1980s.

Charles Irion hit’s the nail right on the head with the subtitle, It Doesn’t Have To Be Real, It Just Has To Be Authentic.

Motivated to write Autograph Hell, when his prized autograph of first president George Washington turns out to be a fake, Mr. Irion explores an industry he describes as incredible, but in today's world troubled and fraught with frauds, fakes, and forgers. Some quotes from the book are:

“If you examine the credentials of some of the major authenticators, you will find them to be questionable at best.”

“Some of the authenticators, the article revealed, gave certifications of authentication for items they never even saw.”

“The apparent need for expert-for-hire seemed to be emphasized by the scams uncovered by the FBI...we still have these authenticators with us today..”

“…Kenny Lindsay of the American Eagle Auction and Appraisal Co., who has written an article called “The Dreaded Certificate of Authenticity. In it Lindsay says he gets a sick, helpless feeling every time he sees the term “Certificate of Authenticity…”

Quoting possibly the best known autograph expert on Baseball Hall of Fame signatures, Ron Keurajian states in an interview, “there are no good authentication companies in the market today that know what they are doing…Certificates of Authenticity carry about as much weight as the Hitler-Chamberlain peace accord of 1938.”

“Internet sites are notorious for problem autograph sales. Because of that, sites like www.autographalert.com have sprung up to keep collectors up-to-date on news in the autograph field, particularly as it relates to shoddy certification of autographs and autograph con games.”

And even our own Stephen Koschal is quoted in this fine and educational book.

The book, in paperback, is 158 pages, over seven chapters, and contains color illustrations. For a short time the author is giving away free SIGNED copies of this book. You just have to pay a $5.00 priority shipping charge. Paypal is accepted.

Contact the author for availability through his websites at:

www.charlesirion.com OR www.irionbooks.com
September 17: Correction and apologies to our readers: according to the author's blog site, the offer for a free copy of Autograph Hell has expired. However, to purchase a copy of the book, please follow this link: http://www.irionbooks.com/hell-series/autograph-hell

Breaking News:
September 13, 2011
Scott Cornish of RR Auction
Gone Again!
Last time he was fired, now they say he’s retired! No matter what, some of the people we spoke to today said they are glad he’s gone. Those we spoke to also said hopefully he's gone from the hobby.

Cornish has been the so-called expert on space related autographs for RR Auctions for several years. Many of his decisions authenticating autographs have been very controversial. Many of his authentications were questioned by collectors and dealers with vast knowledge on space autographs.

Cornish who appears to be a crude individual sent a horrific email to a German autograph dealer and expert on space autographs. One email he sent to the vice-president of a German stamp society. It read in part: “you are the German Al Hallonquist (UACC Director) you are fat, unshaven, arrogant, cowardly pig..” On April 1, 2008 another Cornish email read in part: “No wonder Hitler took over your country….it’s not like y’all are still making lampshades out of human skin or smashing babies’ heads against brick walls. Remember what I said, little boy. You have no clue how ugly I can get.”

After posting Cornish’s email in full on www.autographalert.com it didn’t take long for many in the autograph community to rise up and contact Bob Eaton at RR Auctions. Cornish’s email was considered a “hate crime” by many.

A competitive auction house wrote Eaton: “Really a stupid fu_____ing comment if ever I heard one!”

A collector wrote Eaton saying in part: “I was appalled by the statement and unless some measures of disciplinary measures are taken I will refuse to ever buy any autographed item that comes with a COA from R&R Auctions…I will forward this to all my autograph collecting friends, a number of whom are of the Jewish faith…”

There was a rare response from Bob Eaton. Just two days later he responded to Steve Koschal at www.autographalert.com. In part Eaton says: “Dear Steve, Like you, and so many of the professionals and hobbyists in our trade, I am both surprised and concerned by the words written by Scott Cornish…They do convey a strong, hurtful, message that is truly unwarranted. In short, we firmly denounce the harmful words used in Scott’s message…..For these reasons, R&R will immediately cease our relationship with Scott Cornish…Sincerely, Bob Eaton.”

We were told by an RR insider that this was only going to last a short while. The RR plan was as things calmed down Cornish would be rehired. Our insider was correct and several months later Bob Eaton rehired Scott Cornish. This did not sit well with the International autograph community.

However, the damage was done and there are persons in this hobby we have spoken to that will not purchase or bid on space items from RR. As a matter of fact they will not bid on anything that appears in an RR Auction.

All this obviously has taken its toll and one of the workers at RR recently posted a statement on a space related site that Scott Cornish is retiring from the company. Can anyone imagine the worker writes: “..most of all, Scott Cornish has shown a level of integrity that is hard to match…”

“A level of integrity????????” Apparently, this worker makes it seem RR has some very low standards!

Breaking News:
August 25, 2011
Pawn Stars, John Reznikoff
Becomes A Falling Star
Were the people at Pawn Stars one of the last to know about John Reznikoff and his past authenticating autographs?
Did they not do their homework?
Did they not know this is the same John Reznikoff who participated in the sale of 7/8 million dollars worth of forged John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe autographs?
We are still trying to find just one of the approximately 150 investors who got a refund after purchasing the forgeries.
Reznikoff, imitating an autograph authenticating expert made a recent major blunder on the television program Pawn Stars. A woman brought in a manuscript for the movie The Godfather which contained a full page inscription signed “AL”. She was hoping all the handwriting and signature was by the hand of Al Pacino.
Many in this hobby believe anyone with the slightest knowledge of Pacino’s handwriting would instantly know that the handwriting was not Pacino’s.
Todd Muller of Todd Mueller Autographs broke the story exposing this most notable blunder which is now the talk of the International autograph community.
Although this latest Reznikoff blunder in front of millions of viewers is laughable at a minimum it has serious consequences.
We have been advised by someone in the legal system about the seriousness created by this inexcusable mistake.
It leads to one question...John Reznikoff of University Archives holds himself as an autograph expert and as an expert witness. He has testified in court claiming to ne an expert witness. In all the cases John Reznikoff has participated, if they were criminal trials and convictions were based on his testimony then those convictions can now be placed in question and even overturned.
Autographalert.com contacted Pawn Stars for a statement. Carmine who is their executive assistant stated how shocked they were to discover Reznikoff’s mistake in authenticating. He wanted it known that Pawn Stars does not chose the “experts” who appear on the program. He stated the people at The History Channel are responsible for Reznikoff’s appearance.
It has to be one of the worst days in the life of any authenticator who would make such a blunder in front of millions of viewers who have witnessed first hand such incompetence.
Collectors must be very cautious when bidding at auction where the services of Reznikoff were used for authentication. He is on the staff of PSA and JSA (James Spence Authentication) and believe it or not still authenticating presidential material for RR Auctions including items thought to be signed by John F. Kennedy.
Breaking News:
August 2, 2011
Watch John Reznikoff Bomb
It’s pretty unique to witness someone trying to impress 6 million viewers on television and watch that same person who was thought by the program to be an expert on autographs prove to the whole world watching that he had no clue and no business authenticating an autograph.
This happens often to John Reznikoff but this time he does so on national television. There is no way Reznikoff can spin what he did in front of millions.
Those who watched Pawn Stars saw Reznikoff entertain us with what many feel is the most embarrassing show of incompetence in the last decade of the autograph hobby.
Reznikoff sent many on his mailing list an email that he was to be called in as an autograph “expert/authenticator” on the hit show Pawn Stars. He strutted into the show dressed in dark clothes like Darth Vader or Dracula. Interestingly, Reznikoff post stories on different internet blogs and uses what appears to be a high school graduation photo of himself. Yet, what showed up on Pawn Stars was a scrubby old looking, unshaven fellow basically unrecognizable to those who have not seen him in the last ten years.
Immediately there seemed to be some sort of a problem as the person representing Pawn Stars only identified Reznikoff as “John”. Not as John Reznikoff or John Reznikoff of University Archives as would be expected. Some feel this happened as Pawn Stars may have googled Reznikoff’s name after a contract was signed.
The fellow at Pawn Stars shows Reznikoff a script for the movie “The Godfather” which was bound. Reznikoff was to examine a full page inscription signed “Al”. Reznikoff makes it appear that this is the first time he is seeing the inscription and signature.
The woman who is offering this script did not know for sure but was hoping the inscription and signature was by the hand of Al Pacino.
Reznikoff pulls out his trusty magnifying glass, like Sherlock Holmes, basically ignoring the fifteen word inscription and focuses on a signature simply signed “Al”. Reznikoff tells the viewers how there are no breaks and stoppages in the signature which tells him its not a forgery. Adding a few more standard comments he continues to give the appearance he has skills and knowledge authenticating autographs. Reznikoff makes the determination that the script is signed by Al Pacino. He continues by saying that it’s his opinion the script has a value of about $2,000.
Based on Reznikoff’s “expert” opinion it appears everyone is happy. The person who owns the script and now the people at Pawn Stars who hopes to purchase it. Yet, not everyone watching the program was just as happy especially serious collectors of entertainment autographs and those truly familiar with authenticating autographs.
Todd Mueller, a well respected autograph dealer by the legitimate autograph hobby saw the Pawn Stars program. It took Todd only a few seconds to know for sure that the fifteen word inscription and signature was not by the hand of Al Pacino. According to Todd, anyone with the slightest knowledge of Al Pacino’s handwriting would come to the same conclusion!
Todd checked his exemplar files and discovered the inscription and signature was without a doubt written by Al Ruddy. Al Ruddy was the producer of the film. He won the Academy Award for Best Picture for “the Godfather” in 1973.
This is not the first time Mueller has had to set Reznikoff straight. Many may remember when Reznikoff was running around telling any reporter who would listen that he had purchased Neil Armstrong’s hair. Mueller came forward and proved Reznikoff was not telling the truth. Mueller produced his cancelled check, made out to Armstrong’s barber. During a phone call with Armstrong’s barber he confirmed he did not know of any person named John Reznikoff.
Back to Pawn Stars, we must keep in mind that Reznikoff was not seeing the inscription and signature on the script for the first time when on television. You can bet that he had a copy well in advance of his appearance on the show. He had ample time to research this item, study the handwriting and signature with known exemplars of Al Pacino’s handwriting. Worse, if he didn’t know what to do he had all the opportunity in the world to show the writing to his associates for whom he is an authenticator before appearing on national television. Whatever exemplars he may have used and who ever he talked to in advance, they all got it wrong!
John Reznikoff is well known in the hobby for mis authenticating autographs. This is the same Reznikoff who took part in selling several million dollars worth of fake John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe autographs. That ordeal still holds the hobby’s record for the most sold fake/forged autographs. His name is also involved in the selling of those forged Elvis Presley lyrics that came from Germany. Reznikoff’s name is associated with numerous mistakes in authenticating many presidential signatures including the famous handwritten Oath of Office by President Reagan that was a forgery. As with the case of Al Pacino/Al Ruddy, Reznikoff has authenticated the wrong person in the past. A few examples are his authenticating as genuine a signature of Maggie Mitchell the civil war actress as Margaret Mitchell of “Gone With The Wind” fame. Another Reznikoff blunder was authenticating Samuel Sewall, Jr as his father the noted judge at the witchcraft trials in Salem, Ma. For a Dallas based auction house.
John Reznikoff is one of the authenticators for RR Auction, PSA and James Spence (JSA). PSA and JSA are authenticators for eBay.
Shortly after the Pawn Stars show aired, the usual handful of suspects came out of the autograph hobby’s litter box. They were on a site run by Steve “anti-Semite” Cyrkin who has been given multiple opportunities to apologize to the Jewish person he made the statemen to. Www.autographalert.com and an autograph organization have called on Cyrkin to apologize but he refuses obviously standing by his hateful statement. This is the same Cyrkin, called an “autograph terrorist” by some in this hobby who is noted for his autograph business failing while he admitted he was pulling all the forgeries out of his inventory. For years, Cyrkin was in denial or simply outright lying, telling all, that his company website was down because he had no time to bring it up to date. Yes, the same Cyrkin who took a well respected hobby magazine and run it into the ground publishing stories like the one of dozens of autographs on a guitar that later proved all to be forgeries.
A handful of bloggers on his site, many who hide and go under fictitious names and others using multiple names praised Reznikoff for his appearance on Pawn Stars. Obviously, every one of them knew as much about authenticating autographs as Reznikoff did.
On another blog site one collector wrote: “I’d be afraid to send Reznikoff my Abraham Lincoln signed item to be authenticated. It may come back as being a genuine Art Linkletter.”
John Reznikoff’s recent blunder in front of the world is the talk of the International autograph community. The story and its horrors was recently picked up by a Las Vegas newspaper.
The popular website www.autographnewslive.com has crashed over the overwhelming amount of hits regarding this story.
You can click on the above link to see what other viewers have to say over Reznikoff’s recent blunder. It also has a link to the Pawn Stars story.
Breaking News:
June 25, 2011
Steve Cyrkin - The Anti-Semite Continues to Post More Fabricated Stories and Outright Lies
By Stephen Koschal

After Cyrkin’s failed autograph business and his failed magazine on Autograph collecting it appears this fellow is focused on bringing down the rest of the hobby with him. He continues to post messages loaded with fabricated stories and untruths with the intent to harm others.

I was asked by a handful in this hobby to address some of Cyrkin‘s creativity so those that may read his rants are not mislead.

There is much to tell however Cyrkin in in the midst of a lawsuit. He has not retained an attorney and it attempting to represent himself. Presently there are afew others who are contemplating filing a lawsuit against Cyrkin. Cyrkin has also been very busy back tracking and removing some of his lies and fabrications from his site. This is being done because of cease and desist letters he has been receiving from those who may potentially file a lawsuit against him.

On February 2, 2011, Cyrkin posts a message that Stephen Koschal was being sued “but months of trying to serve Koschal have so far been unsuccessful”.

I can assure you that no one up to that point to my knowledge has knocked on my door to serve me. I have not at any time tried to avoid service of any kind.

Cyrkin continues: “It is unknown if Koschal is under investigation.” This is a Cyrkin fabrication. Anyone with half a brain can read into this, if it’s unknown, in his own admission. Investigation by whom? It’s another statement this man has constructed in his mind.

Cyrkin continues with another total fabrication. He posts that the court ordered my attorney to accept service. The fact is, once I was aware of the frivolous law suits, I retained an attorney and my attorney accepted service upon my request.

The plaintiff’s are John Reznikoff of University Archives, Bob Eaton of RR Auctions and James Spence of JSA Authentication.

Cyrkin goes on to write: “some of his (Koschal’s) associates. According to Mueller (Todd Mueller), this was when he (Mueller) started distancing himself from the site (autographalert.com), famously stating, “I feel I paid crop dusters to dust my farm and instead they drove the plane into the Twin Towers.”

I contacted Todd Mueller regarding this Cyrkin statement. Todd Mueller absolutely denies ever distancing himself from the site and supports the site 100%. Todd Mueller also states that Crykin is absolutely lying. Todd says he never said that statement about crop dusters to Cyrkin.” Never, this is all made up by Steve Cyrkin.

Todd also states that everything posted in the article on www.autographalert.com about the Neil Armstrong inscribed and signed photograph is accurate. Cornish got it totally wrong. Cornish authenticated the machine signed signature as genuine and he also authenticated the secretarial inscription of Armstrong as genuine. Two major blunders on the same item! Not only did these blunders come with a COA from Cornish but the photo was backed by a COA from RR Auction.

Cyrkin posts that Todd Mueller wrote an apology to RR Auction over the Neil Armstrong/Cornish situation. Once again totally untrue according to Todd Mueller. How can one ever apologize over a story that is totally accurate? According to Mueller, Bob Eaton of RR Auctions appeared to go berserk when he read the article on www.autographalert.com. Eaton called Todd Mueller regarding it. After all, no one likes to have their atrocious mistakes aired to the collecting community.

However, just two days earlier, Eaton called Mueller about participating in the purchase of a supposedly large collection. The article about Armstrong and Eaton’s authenticator Cornish came out two days later.

Mueller wrote a personal email to Eaton (not for publication). It started out that the article about Armstrong/Cornish made Mueller cringe. Mueller confirms that he did cringe about the powerful article. He did so solely because of the timing of the article. Mueller feared the article might kill the purchase of the collection.

The email was a private email from Mueller to Eaton, however Eaton gave it to one of his employees to forward to Cyrkin. The employee writes: “Todd Mueller, who has asked us to post his email apology…” is absolutely false according to Mueller. Nowhere in that email is there an apology of anything. The employee at RR Auction repeats: “I am posting Todd’s email in full as he has asked.“ Another outright lie. It was an email from Mueller trying to soften the blow that the 100% factual story would not affect the current deal that Eaton was supposedly working on.

Eaton purposely gave the email to his employee to have Cyrkin post it on Cyrkin’s site with no other reason than to continue the turmoil in this hobby. Cyrkin did not do his homework and accepted the words from Eaton's employee as gospel. Cyrkin has been burnt big time before with his failed magazine by not doing his homework before publishing a damaging article.

Cyrkin continues with his fantasizing and creates a statement that: “(Koschal) largely outcast by the legitimate autograph community since the 1990’s.” How insane is that statement? I won’t comment further because of possible legal action against Cyrkin.

Cyrkin and his little cronies have been posting the following message for years. “(Koschal) failing to pay child support that has been outstanding for decades.” This is just another Cyrkin fabricated statement with intent to harm my reputation. The statement is false. Many who know me believe only an evil person would make such a false statement.

Therefore, anyone who believes the words Cyrkin writes deserves to get sucked into his labyrinth of deceit. His continued fabrication, deception and lies about legitimate leaders in this industry simply fuels dissention within the autograph hobby.

Breaking News:
June 16, 2011
Scott Cornish an “EXPERT” only at RR Auctions????
Who makes these unknowns instant experts?
You may all remember the Scott Cornish/RR Auction scandal where the International autograph community put pressure on Bob Eaton of RR Auctions to fire Scott Cornish over his horrific remarks, in writing, about the Germans making lamp shades out of human skin. This remark was sent by Cornish to a German collector.

Bob Eaton fired Cornish to keep the autograph community calmed down but knowing well in advance it would be just temporary. Several months later, this instant expert was back on RR Auctions staff.

Who made Scott Cornish an expert on astronaut autographs??????

Does RR Auctions think collectors are just plain dumb?

The following are just a few samples from our files OF EMAILS FROM RR AUCTIONS. They regard space related autographs RR/Cornish previously authenticated.

Portion of an Email from Elizabeth Otto, Consignment Manager R&R Enterprises.

“Please find enclosed a check for $2,577.51 representing a refund for the Apollo 11 signed photo that you purchased in our auction…..when recently submitted for consignment, our subsequent study of the signatures determined that the Armstrong autograph could not be supported with our guarantee of authenticity…”

How about another email from Elizabeth Otto of R&R….
“I am writing to inform you that lot 554 Apollo 11 has been withdrawn from our May auction….it was determined that the Armstrong signature was done by autopen with the associated inscription being secretarial….I apologize for any inconvenience or disappointment caused by this change in auction status…”

Please read this last paragraph once again. We went to RR ‘s catalog and in the description it clearly states that this item comes with a Scott Cornish and R&R COA.

What this indicates is both Cornish and Bob Eaton of RR have no clue on how to authenticate Neil Armstrong’s autograph. What both have failed to do is they were both incapable of having enough reference material to determine Armstrong’s signature was signed by a machine. More embarrassing is that both were incapable of determining Armstrong’s handwriting. Both failed to understand the difference between a genuine Armstrong inscription verses an inscription signed by a secretary or possibly even a forger.

If all this is not bad enough we saved the best for last.

The consignor of lot 544 described above with the Armstrong signature being an Autopen and the inscription being secretarial responded to Elizabeth Otto of RR after being advised the item is withdrawn. He sent Otto the following email:

“Elizabeth, can you give me a refund for this? I bought if from you (RR Auction) for around $2,200.00.”

Many of our readers have told us we point out the incompetents but rarely suggest who to use. It is from our personal experience the best authenticator for space related autographs is Florian Knoller. In the past he has corrected many of the errors made by Scott Cornish. His email address is: florian@spaceflori.com

Website: www.spaceflori.com

Breaking News:
June 7, 2011
A Current Look at the Authenticators

The following information was sent to us by a very well known collector in the autograph industry. He spent only several minutes on eBay and this is what he found. All extremely common mistakes made by the three high profile companies who claim they can authenticate autographs. The sellers of autographs spent good money for the worthless Certificates of Authenticity they received for the following autographs.

James Spence Authentication (JSA)

Here is a beautiful secretarial Rosanna Arquette authenticated as genuine by JSA (James Spence Authentication). This information was discovered over 10 years ago. (link provided)


Here is a beautiful Thomas Dekker signature authenticated as genuine by JSA (James Spence Authentication). The only problem is that it's Dwight Yoakam's signature.



A beautiful Jack Lemmon secretarial signature authenticated as genuine by PSA/DNA



Here is a Global authenticated signature card of Laura Harring
authenticated as Lauren Bacall! Its listed on the Global website.
Lauren Bacall is the most common autograph in the hobby. She has been
famous and signing autographs for over 50 years.


A common Bob Hope secretarial authenticated as genuine by Global


A common Jack Nicholson secretarial authenticated as genuine by Global


A common 1990's Demi Moore secretarial authenticated as genuine by Global


A Charlton Heston secretarial authenticated as genuine by Global


I should be an authenticator!! This all took me 8 minutes to find on
eBay. There is so much more!

Autograph collector’s name withheld by request.

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